Save That Date: From Yawn to…Something Slightly Better

My mother creates huge sets for Vacation Bible School plays, makes unbelievably realistic silk floral arrangements, and spends TV time crocheting afghans. Her afghans have won awards, they’re that beautiful. My future mother-in-law does calligraphy (!!) and is a talented artist. My favorite painting in our home is one of hers. In short, I come from a crafty family and am marrying into an artistic one.

I, however, am not artistically minded. That’s probably why, when we upgraded our save the dates from simple postcards to magnets, I didn’t consider how boring plain white envelopes would be.

After my holiday break from wedding planning extended far into January (bad girl), I knew I had to get my butt in gear to meet our save-the-date mailing goal of early February. Save the dates are typically less formal than invitations. So while we’re using the Puff Mom’s calligraphy talents for the invitations, I decided I could do the save the dates myself. That was a big mistake.

Our save the date / Template via Vistaprint / Photo by Kelly Phillips

First, I decided to keep the casual feel of our save the dates by hand-addressing the envelopes. The trouble is, my handwriting falls somewhere between preschooler and kindergartner. But by taking my time, I addressed them as neatly as possible—with Kitten Philip’s help. (Note the ball in the bowl of satsumas. Every time we put out a bowl of fruit, he feels the need to add a round-shaped toy.)


Using my master guest list spreadsheet to address the envelopes

One of the first wedding purchases I made was a self-inking stamp with our names and address. I’d been dying to put it to use, and the save the dates seemed the perfect inauguration.


Image via Etsy seller lovetocreatestamps

With the envelopes addressed, I stamped hearts on the front of each envelope and tacked our return address on the back flap. Then I spent a boring hour stuffing envelopes. Do you see Mr. Puffer and the dog relaxing in these photos? I need to put them to work more often.



Save-the-date template via Vistaprint / Photo by Kelly Phillips

The final product was…meh. I felt they needed more. A trip to Hobby Lobby yielded some more rubber stamps and heart seals. With the added decoration and the new USPS Forever heart stamps, the save the dates were complete.


The completed look

I’m not thrilled with the outcome. And this became my second lesson learned: Think how the finished product will look before placing an order. I should have realized that plain white envelopes wouldn’t cut it. I should have thought about how the color of the postage stamps would limit the color choices for my ink stamps. And I definitely should have consulted with the craftier people in my life first.

Lesson learned. Bring on the invitations.


Mrs. Puffer

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    Nice! They look really pretty with the added touches

  2. hammerhead Bee
    Mrs. Hammerhead 0 posts, Wannabee @ 6:55 pm

    These look great, Puffer! Nicely done!

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