DIY UnItY Candles

When I added DIY to the front of Unity, all I could think of removing the n and t – DIY UIY. I’m pronouncing it Dooey Yooey in my head. Carry on.

I’ve seen the tradition at most weddings I’ve been to and didn’t question keeping it for a moment. Lamber-manner-macho-man likes to say that my favorite wedding planning is “breaking the mold.” However, in this tradition, I’ve decided to let my little light shine. The symbolism is just, well, the essence of what marriage means: the joining of two into one. Amen.

AnyDIY, these are the supplies that I collected for this project:

  • 2 taper candles (I used pearlescent ones from Jo-Ann’s)
  • 1 pillar candle (also pearlescent from Jo-Ann’s with a 40% off coupon)
  • Satin ribbon (various that I had already purchased for the bouts and bouquets)
  • Vintage clip on earrings (Etsy)
  • Vintage brooch (I found the matching one on Etsy from a different seller!)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pillar candle holder (from Michael’s with a 40% off coupon)
  • Pair of candlesticks (from Michael’s with an extra 20% off entire purchase coupon)

The DIY to this is so insanely easy, it’s almost not fair.

  1. Cut a length of ribbon that will overlap itself around the candle plus .5″
  2. Clip the earrings or brooch slightly to either side of the middle of the length of ribbon. I decided not to glue the jewelry at all so that I can either reuse it or sell it later.
  3. Hot glue the backside of one side of the ribbon to the candle.
  4. Tuck the loose end slightly underneath itself to form a crease and hot glue it to the back of the candle, as well.
  5. Unity+C

    See? Overlapping and folded into a nice edge. No rocket science here.

    5. Repeat with each candle.
    6. Stick them into or on their holders. I plan on using this after the wedding in my home.

5 and 6 are really just common sense. If you can pull a trigger, you can do this project!

And here’s the finished product:


Holy overexposed unity candle, Batman! Sadly, this is what happens in my apartment after dark. The ole point’n’shoot wants to use a flash. Boo. But you get the idea.

Is there a special tradition that you’re looking forward to doing for the ceremony?

P.S. – if you need a good laugh, look up “Unity Candle” on Wikipedia. My favorite line is: “The lighting ceremony may be accompanied by special music, an explanation of the symbolism, or just some period of mutual gazing by the happy couple.” Happy “mutual gazing”!


Mrs. Lamb

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January 2010
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    Money Saving Monday – Unity Candles and More, Guest @ 10:18 pm

    […] A lot of people choose to do a unity candle during their wedding.  John and I did.  I can’t remember exactly how much it cost us, so I did a quick google search which turned up unity candle sets anywhere from $14 to $200!  How do you get around this if you wish to do a unity candle?  DIY of course!  Lots of resources come up when you do a search on DIY Unity candle, but here are a few I found that looked useful:  Road to the Aisle,  DIY Network, and Wedding Bee. […]

  2. Member
    marci_607 590 posts, Busy bee @ 8:00 pm

    This is a wonderful idea! I never would have thought about using the earrings and brooch. I am going to have to try this now. Thank you!

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    Mine at Last: All in the Details | Weddingbee, Guest @ 7:12 pm

    […] Our DIY Unity Candles are prepped and ready. My event designer pre-burned the wicks for easy lighting during the ceremony. The candle on the far left is the lighter candle that the mothers used to light the family candles. […]

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