DIYing Wedding Albums with Adoramapix

After finishing up my recaps, I woke up one morning and realized that Christmas was coming up rather soon and I still hadn’t put together our wedding album.  I had always planned to give albums to our parents during our Christmas vacation when we saw them as a thank you for all the help and support they gave us throughout the planning process, but really needed a kick to actually do it.

I know our photographer has amazing wedding albums, but they are a little bit out of our price range right now, especially for the comprehensive book that I really wanted to make.


I chose Adorama after seeing the reviews from other bees. I really liked that the pages laid flat and that the pages had some weight to them. They had a 50% off 8×8 books and a 35% off of any size books coupon that expired that weekend, and so I bit the bullet and put the book together that afternoon.

I found the software really easy to use, and really easy to customize exactly how we wanted each page to look, which was nice! Ultimately, I ended up needing 76 pages to put the whole album together—the biggest size album they offered. Originally I planned on making special albums for each set of parents, but decided to just give them smaller versions of the album we made for ourselves.


I thought the quality was really nice, even in our gigantic 12×12 book. What I hadn’t anticipated was just how shiny all of the pages are. Not really a big deal in my book, but something I really wish I had registered, while looking at other reviews.


Do you see how thick the pages are? They feel really nice, and they make the whole book feel really special.


I especially like how the full page spreads look and how you can barely see the crease down the middle—well unless it creases over someone’s face.


See the closeup of the book? You can kind of pick out the shininess of the paper.

My only regret is not realizing just how HUGE a 12×12 book would be when you open the book flat, and it just feels a tad too big for me. I think we probably would have been equally happy with the 10×10 book.

Overall though, I am thrilled with how the books turned out and I think our parents are enjoying them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Did you DIY your album as well? Where do you plan on storing it?

* All photos used in albums were taken by Lisa Rigby Photography


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    Anne-North 15 posts, Newbee @ 4:49 am

    I have now ordered my honeymoon book…… would be senseless to wait, seeing as there is a 40% off coupon I can use. I chose 8 x 8 inch, 50 pages, and this time I ordered HD glossy pages as I thought my wedding ones really need to be lustre, but my honeymoon needed extra punchiness……
    I will do a review on both of them when they arrive.

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