Wedding Wands – Check!

I got another wedding project done! Yay!

As you know, my heart was pretty much broken when I found out Oxon Hill prohibited the use of sparklers, and thought I would have to use bubbles for our send off. I’ve never really loved the bubble idea, but I thought it was a cute alternative.

Then I came across this picture:




I love… love, love, love the green wands! I was inspired (needless to say) and immediately started Googling “wedding wands.” I found a lot of great tutorials: here, here, and here, but you know me: I didn’t print the instructions and go to the store, I just went to store. I came home with these supplies:

  • 32 inches wooden sticks (.29 cents each)
  • Ribbon (on sale 2 for $5)
  • Glue (actually, I had this at home)
  • Metallic Spray Paint (I had this at home, too)

Then… without even a glance at the tutorial, I dove in! I cut the sticks in half with regular scissors, using a ruler to make sure each wand was approximately the same size:


I pulled the price tags and barcodes off of each wand:

This so tedious, but I’m smiling because we’re doing a wedding project! Yay!



Then we set up an area outside on the grass and spray painted each wand with metallic spray paint:


Yay! We’re doing a wedding project! Haha!


While we waited for the paint to dry, we cut the ribbon:


Using the glue, we wrapped the ribbon around the ends of the wands:



Um, then the glue busted open… on the wrong end!


It was such a mess. Seriously.

We ended up having to dip the ends of the wands in the glob of glue and then rolled the ribbon on.

Nothing can ever go according to plan!


Despite the glue issues, we pressed on and got them done!

Aren’t they purty?


Yay! We got a wedding project done!

Well, kinda. I want to make a few more. We have about 40 complete.

Don’t mind my crazy outfit. I love pajama pants! Haha!


The sign in front of the baskets holding these will read:

“Give a wave of good wishes to the new Mr. & Mrs!”



Are you making wedding wands? If so, when are you using yours?


Mrs. Brooch

Arlington, VA
Wedding Date:
April 2011
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    Pinned Together: Our Ceremony Begins | Weddingbee, Guest @ 3:30 pm

    […] As guests walked in, they also picked up the tears of joy packets and wedding wands. […]

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Estella Girtman, Guest @ 11:52 am

    I love the idea and it looks simple to make. My wedding date is June 1,2013 and I’m looking forward to my wands waving day!!

  3. Member
    lovelyduckie 756 posts, Busy bee @ 7:26 am

    I’m using mine for when we walk back down the aisle as a couple

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