Achievement Unlocked

I can’t remember when, or where (where on the internetz, of course) I saw a cute wedding pic with the couple kissing and holding in front of them the Xbox “Achievement unlocked” sign, and right then and there I knew we should have one at our wedding. You see, my husband and his friends are big Xbox enthusiasts (BIG), and I knew this would be a hit.

Image via Gamerfitnation

The problem now was how to do it. I cannot for the life of me draw, so drawing was absolutely out of the question—printing it was.

I thought about printing the logo and the letters on photographic paper (so they’d look like the screen). The local Office Depot prints tabloid-size photos (the size of two letter sheets side by side) at a very affordable price, so all I had to do was get a nice quality image.

I downloaded an Xbox wallpaper that included a great view of the X logo.


Image via Only HD wallpapers

Then, using MS Paint (yes, Paint!—because I am lame like that) I drew the circle around it that indicates the player, added the letter, sized the image,  and printed and cut it.


MsPaint result


Print file

For the rest of the sign I got a big piece of black card stock. I used a plate and a ruler to make the form of the sign; since the card stock was not long enough I cut it in two sections and then just glued them together, glued the whole thing to a piece of cardboard to give it strength, and then just glued on the logo and letters, covered it all with self-adhesive clear paper, and voila!


I have zero pics of the process, but how about a diagram?

I am very happy with how it turned out. Mr. Toadstool and our friends loved it, and it’s now a nice décor item in our family room.


Personal photo

Photo by Alberto Alcorta

The “got married” is over the original cover paper—maybe one day I’ll peel it off and change it out for “pregnant”? Just an idea.

Did you/will you make any special props for pictures?


Mrs. Toadstool

Obregon, Mexico
Wedding Date:
December 2012
Apple-y Ever After: Some Alone Time
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    Yaritza, Guest @ 10:42 am

    Anyone know where I could purchase one from? I’m horrible with DIY projects.

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