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Before I tell you about our centerpieces, let’s talk tables. The round table is, by far, the most popular table used at weddings, that much we know. What we don’t know is that, for whatever reason, multiple round tables totally throw off my chi. They disalign my chakra. They muddle my mojo.

Anyway, that option was instantly nixed, and it was on to the rectangle table. Now this is my kinda table. Clean lines, not too busy… that’s definitely a good thing. Since we’ll be having such a small wedding, we’ll have 6 8′ banquet tables. 3 end-to-end on one side of the dance floor, and 3 end-to-end on the other side, with us at a round table in the center. Like this:


I highly recommend Perfect Table Plan for logistics; it’s amazing. I never would have been able to figure out our tent set-up without this program! And I promise I don’t work for them! You can only enter 30 guests with the free download, but (loophole alert!) you can make as many tables/chairs as you need. I’m just going to fill in the names manually, booya! Now, on to some table inspiration!



How pretty is this? It’s so simple and clean. And check out those vintage (and some cut glass) vases!



Check out this one from Oncewed. It’s so bright and cheery, and I love the contrast of the wooden chairs!



Both of these are from Elizabeth Anne Designs. The first is so regal, and those chandeliers are to die for! I’m a big big chandelier fan! The second is just SO rustic and charming. See the highchair? Too cute!

This amazing table is from Style Me Pretty. I love everything about this. Everything. Especially those chargers!



And the table to end all tables. I mentioned this same wedding in a previous color post, but it’s worth mentioning again. This is the picture that made long tables non-negotiable for me. It’s just absolutely dreamy. Do you see that ruffled table linen?! Where can I get that? Anyone?

Are you using long tables, too? Logistically, do you think they are easier or harder to configure than round tables?


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    Kimberly M 75 posts, Worker bee @ 11:11 pm

    This is a great layout, but don’t forget the bars! Since your wedding is small, you only need one. With 100+ guests, two bars are needed.

    I also love the long tables, but I like a small round sweetheart table for the bride and groom. Another layout I have seen that is gorgeous is a small sweetheart table at the head of the room, opposite the band stage on the other end and oval 10 person tables on diagonal angles (round end of the oval facing the dancing floor) flanking the dance floor, with the bars behind the tables on either side.

    My friend did two long beautiful tables like an equals sign, then the bar along them like a third line and the dance floor and band at one end of the room.

    I agree though, round tables aren’t my favorite.

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