Planning the Engagement Session

I would like to interrupt the big engagement ring reveal with something that’s been on my mind lately—engagement photos!

We are having our engagement photos taken soon, and I am racking my brain for ideas and inspiration.We want to do something fun and different for our e-session, but it’s hard to step away from some of the beautiful ideas that have been trending lately. In case you have been living under a wedding rock, here are some e-session “themes” that keep popping up:


Sources, clockwise from top: One: Image via Green Wedding Shoes / Photo by Glass Jar Photography; Two: Image via 100 Layer Cake / Photo by Kate Harrison; Three: Image via 100 Layer Cake / Photo by Trent Bailey; Four: Image via 100 Layer Cake / Photo by Stacey Ramsey

I keep seeing blankets everywhere. Either people are wrapping themselves in blankets, lying on them in a field, or using one to picnic in a garden. The more handmade the blanket, the better. Bonus points for quilts. I think blankets give engagement photos a warm, comfortable, and homey feel, and I can see why they are so popular. We don’t actually own a handmade blanket (or blankets with any character), so I don’t think we will be using this idea in our own engagement photos.


Sources, clockwise from top: One: Image via Green Wedding Shoes / Photo by Picotte Photography; Two: Image via Green Wedding Shoes / Photo by Nessa K Photography; Three: Image via 100 Layer Cake / Photo by The Why We Love; Four: Image via 100 Layer Cake / Photo by Gaillard Mathieu

You can’t really go wrong with a beautiful country field as the backdrop for your photos. This is one trend that I absolutely love—especially the ones with the golden evening sunlight. This is definitely a must have for our engagement shoot!


Sources, clockwise from top: One: Image via 100 Layer Cake / Photo by Emily; Two: Image via Green Wedding Shoes / Photo by Caroline Tran; Three: Image via Style Me Pretty / Photo by Anika London; Four: Photo by Forester Photo

These bicycles are totally adorable, but we don’t own any cute vintage bicycles to use for our engagement session. This is another trend that I’ll just have to leave behind!


Sources, clockwise from top: One: Photo by Wildflowers Photography; Two: Image via The Chriselle Factor / Photo by Jana Williams; Three: Image via 100 Layer Cake / Photo by Esther Sun; Four: Image via 100 Layer Cake / Photo by Trent Bailey

Like the blankets prop, balloons give a certain flavor to engagement photos. When I see photos like the ones above I think of the couple as being fun and playful. Although I think we are a fun, playful couple, I’m not sure that balloons fit our engagement-shoot vision.


Sources, clockwise from top: One: Image via Style Me Pretty / Photo by Soda Fountain Photography;  Two: Image via 100 Layer Cake / Photo by Delbarr Moradi; Three: Image via Green Wedding Shoes / Photo by Alison Conklin; Four: Photo by Ravenberg Photography

Suitcases like these can give any engagement session an instant vintage feel. I think these are really cute, but also not really our style.

And there are so many more themes/trends that you might often spot in engagement photography:

  • holding drinks (bonus for Coca-Cola in the glass bottle or Izze)
  • orchards/fruit
  • chalkboard signs
  • Anthropologie dresses
  • picnics
  • camping
  • pillow/blanket forts or tepees

I’m still not sure what we will do to stand out in our engagement photos, but sifting through these photos has really gotten me thinking!

What is your favorite engagement-session trend?


Mrs. Camel

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May 2013
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  1. mswallaby Bee
    mswallaby 2070 posts, Buzzing bee @ 2:54 am

    I LOVE e-seshes in fields and out in nature. So dreamy 🙂 Our e-sesh had so so many of the trends you listed above: picnic with a vintage wedding rings quilt, cupcakes, and coca cola in glass bottles, out in a field right at sunset. And a vintage suitcase to boot hahaha

  2. Member
    krislynn_sd 72 posts, Worker bee @ 7:34 am

    We are doing a winter session – complete with snowmen, four wheelers and coats. 🙂 We are outdoorsy types and my fiance is a super ice fisherman. I love the feel of winter engagements – more than likely we will be doing the blanket thing. I just need to get my hunting tie blanket put together.

  3. camel Bee
    camel 703 posts, Busy bee @ 1:26 pm

    @Miss Blue Whale: You know, I toyed with this idea for a while, but our school is new and ultra modern looking. I wish we could get photos in an old school house with a real chalk board. It’s something I might have to look into!

    @Mrs. Wallaby: Your engagement photos are GORGEOUS! I love them!

    @bebefly: Haha that is so cute! I don’t know how I feel about a photographer hanging out in our bedroom while we are snuggled in bed though. I would be a little embarrassed (plus I would have to furiously clean everything first…)

  4. painauchocolat Bee
    painauchocolat 2298 posts, Buzzing bee @ 8:28 pm

    I think your engagement pics will stand out just because they’ll be of you and your fiancee! (Although those balloons are adorable!) We thought about using props or shooting in a unique location, but none of it felt like us… it felt forced. So even though we had an awesome heirloom quilt and I scouted photo locations at the park, I’m glad the rain forced us into Plan B. The pictures we got were much more natural and our personalities really shined through.

  5. graywolf Bee
    graywolf 725 posts, Busy bee @ 8:07 am

    your post organization is excellent. 🙂

  6. Member
    kmconda 71 posts, Worker bee @ 5:34 pm

    We SO struggled with this, too… so much pressure! In the end, we went with straight-up boring. The theme was US. No signs, no wacky props. No vintage-y looking sodas. Just Pete and me, a fab dress and nice shirt and a gorgeous sunny day. We’ll adore the photos forever and ever and never look back and think “how silly!”

  7. Member
    mrsknox 163 posts, Blushing bee @ 9:47 am

    I LOVE fields and blankest! Something that we will employ for sure during our engagement shoot.

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