A lot of people my and Mr. Blueberry’s age know about Facebook–an online community that started at the university level, but has now expanded to allow everyone–sort of like Myspace. One thing I really like about Facebook is their group/event options–you can create an event, which can be anything from a club meeting to a house party; or you can create a group, which can range from “people who <3 Rice-a-roni” to “Students for alternative energy.” Some people create groups or events for their weddings, bachelor/ette parties, or bridal showers, too! (Not that I would recommend a Facebook invite being your only form of invitation!)

Of course, I had to create a Facebook group for our wedding!

Like that profile photo? smiley504 Click here to see it in all its trashy glory smiley402.

We invited all our Facebook-savvy friends to join, and use the site to update them on where to stay while they’re in KC. They’ve also taken advantage of the site to share things like:

“yay, i’ll be the first on to write on the wedding wall! haha makes me think of oasis. “and after alllllllll… your my wedding walllllllll…” haha, man im awesome… and basically the best bridesmaid ever! lol and did i mention modest??? ¢â„¢¥¢â„¢¥<3″

Yes, that’s from my wonderful bridesmaid Katie smiley504. Where would we be if she couldn’t share that witticism with the rest of our friends? smiley402

In all seriousness, though, just as Facebook can be convenient to let you stay in touch with long-lost friends, it can also let you keep closer friends up-to-date on the various aspects of your life and wedding planning. Not only have we used the group to tell them about their hotel, it also allows us to send a one-click message to any and all of them about anything.

Does anyone else have a Facebook group for wedding guests?


Mrs. Blueberry

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May 2007
Let it Be- Settled
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    Allison, Guest @ 9:48 pm

    I think we need to start a facebook group for those of us who are weddingbee obsessed!

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