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I recently received a gift certificate for a European facial at Mario Badescu. I am sooo excited because frankly, I’ve never gotten a professional facial before. The only thing is that I won’t be able to get it done until this Tuesday, which is 11 days before the wedding. Some people say your last facial should be at least two weeks before the wedding. And as I’m reading reviews on-line, I am torn. While some people claim facials here to be the best, some claim extractions caused their face to scar! Yikes!

Since college I’ve had on-and-off mild acne. But my skin was doing really well UNTIL recently (geez when it counts most!!)¢¢”š¬¦ I think it’s the stress. So I really really want to do this before my wedding but is it worth the risk?? For those of you who are getting facials done, what’s the closest to the wedding date you are getting it done? Any good/bad experiences? Things to know before I go?


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    zoya hayat khan, Guest @ 4:19 am

    hi geneva i need to go for pearl facial b4 wedding is it ok fr my normal skin i do hav some acne scars wat shld i do i dnt hav much time n i hav never tried facials b4

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    zoya hayat+khan, Guest @ 4:26 am

    @zoya hayat khan: @Geneva: @Geneva: @Geneva: @Geneva:

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    paddy, Guest @ 10:12 am

    hi.. im an indian gal.. same thing.. nevr did anythng to my face , skin is fine except sometimes i get acne. still i have one month for wedding. bu scared for any pre bridals after reading reviews, even lakme ..

    so , just want to know what to do for just getting rid of acne , and then cleanse and moisturize skin on my own …or may be a gentle course… please suggest :).

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