Far Beyond Forever: the Guys Get Dressed in 0.5 Seconds

While my friends and I were gettin’ all pretty, the boys were having their own fun afternoon. I had told Mr. Guinea Pig that our second shooter would be arriving to their room around 3:30 to take some ‘getting ready’ photos before they left for the venue – later, Mr. GP would admit to me that they were all so antsy and nervous, they were pretty much completely ready and just waiting around when the photographer got there!

Still, I love looking at the photos from the guys that afternoon because of all the camaraderie. I’m also really glad we have a photo of Mr. GP putting on the tie I handmade for him, and love that Best Man J helped make sure it was juuust right. 🙂



Groomsman M had to catch up with everyone and put his socks and shoes on, but then that was it – they were ready! Lightning speed.


(Love all the smiles in this photo, and the appearance of the baseball bat gift!)


(Have I mentioned how much I love his eyes?)

They did a quick check of the schedule to make sure they were going to be on time, and the photographer snapped this photo, which makes a girl happy because what is that they are consulting? The pocket schedules I made! I had handed these out to every person in the bridal party, our parents, family – basically anyone who needed to know where and when to be over the weekend (with phone numbers and addresses), and it made me so happy to see that not only did Groomsman B remember to bring his with him, but they actually consulted it! ha 😀


They decided it was time to head downstairs and check for the shuttle that was taking them to the venue, but Mr. GP was worried they might run into me in the lobby, so naturally the solution to that is: blindfold the groom!


After determining that they would in fact need to wait a bit longer (remember I said we were running a little late?), Best Man J grabbed everyone a beer and they toasted to the wedding day. Then they all sat down and drank beer while watching baseball 🙂


(Love this photo)

In the meantime, just before we left, BM N snuck downstairs to give a quick hug to her best friend on his wedding day.


Once the guys knew we had left, they headed downstairs to wait (again) for the shuttle to return, and got a few more hilarious photos as they waited out the wind inside.


Finally, they were off to the venue too!


I really enjoyed looking through these photos after the wedding and seeing what Mr. Guinea Pig had gotten up to that afternoon – it was great to see that he had also spent the time relaxing with his friends! The type of photos also make me laugh because it’s pretty representative of our morning rituals on a day-to-day basis too. I get up about 30 minutes before Mr. GP so I can shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, check email, and get ready to go. He wakes up, showers in half a second, gets dressed and is out the door before I’m even ready! I think it’s funny that on our wedding day, there are so many photos of me getting ready with hair, makeup, veil, dress, etc, and the photos of Mr. GP are totally representative of the 2 minutes he spent putting his tie on properly and then the ~30 minutes they had to sit around killing time 🙂

Do you have this same disparity in your lives?

*** All photos in this post copyright Amy Deputy Photography ***

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    I love the blue tie he wore!

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    Love these photos of Mr. GP!! That tie does look fantastic on him with those baby blues! I love seeing how relaxed everyone looked and just how much of a good time they seemed to have together! That’s all you can ask for, right?!

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