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Early on in the wedding process, I was convinced that we would not have any flowers at the wedding.  Flowers are beautiful, but I couldn’t stomach the price tags for floral arrangements (mind you, I hadn’t done any research into costs and just assumed that this would be well outside of our budget).  I originally planned for the BMs to carry feather fans and I would carry a silk bouquet, like the ones in the images below.


Beautiful silk bouquet / Image via Etsy.com

Feather fan / Image via TheBijouBride.com
Feather fans / Image via Etsy Shop IvynDell

As for the table centerpieces, I figured we could have feather and/or candelabra ones, like the ones below;

Ostrich Feather centerpieces / Image via LoveisintheAirEvents.com
Candelabra centerpieces / Image via Flickr.com

So with these images as inspiration in mind, I started looking in to actual costs and the logistics of having to order from multiple vendors for the various items above. It turns out that ostrich feathers and silk bouquets were not nearly as cheap as I thought they would be. That silk bouquet above? The retail price was $195 on Etsy. Yikes. The feather fans for the BMs ranged anywhere from $40—$65 (later on I discovered that this was more pricey than a small floral bouquet).

At this point I was starting to reevaluate including actual flowers into the wedding, because it seemed that we’d end up spending the same, if not a little bit more, for the non-floral items I had in mind. We asked our wedding planner for florist recommendations and when we went on our second wedding planning visit to Montreal, we came prepared with the images below (from one of my Pinterest boards, of course).

Peacock & Pink Cymbidium Orchid Bouquet / Image via WeddingandPartyNetwork.com
Peacock and Calla Lily Bouquet / Image via SaffronMarigold.com
Low centerpieces / Image via TheKnot.com
High Centerpieces / Image via Disboards.com

Teal and Gold Tablescape / Image via GreenWeddingShoes.com

After looking over the images with the florists, we ultimately decided to work with Montreal-based florist Madame K. She had some great ideas on how to make the various ideas above work and also had great recommendations that ultimately saved us a good amount of money—like mixing in some inexpensive flowers within some of the pricier ones to make the arrangements look more full. She also recommended having high and low centerpieces—not only does it add dimension to a reception space, but using the smaller centerpieces also saves us some money.

We will also be reusing a lot of arrangements between the ceremony and reception spaces (the two large arrangements that will frame the ceremony space will also be used to decorate our sweetheart table). In addition to the floral elements, we will also be renting large candles, clear vases and mirrored pillars for the ceremony, and votive candles and more vases for the reception.

Are you using real flowers in your wedding decor or are you going a different route?


Mrs. Mongoose

New Haven, CT
Wedding Date:
May 2013
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  1. mswallaby Bee
    mswallaby 2070 posts, Buzzing bee @ 2:03 pm

    I looove your inspiration, and I don’t think you’ll regret live flowers. Mine made me so so happy on our wedding day, and they smelled amazing (I couldn’t stop smelling my bouquet! 🙂 ) Did you end up ordering calla lillies or orchids for your bouquet? Both are so lovely and exotic…

  2. mspony Bee
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 6:16 pm

    I love your inspiration, we don’t get to appreciate real flowers enough in everyday life, you’ll love having them at your wedding!

  3. msfox Bee
    msfox 1635 posts, Bumble bee @ 7:15 am

    Glad you were able to find a happy medium! I think the flower/feather combo will look amazing.. although that picture with all the feather fans? So cool!!

  4. sunhat Bee
    sunhat 1453 posts, Bumble bee @ 10:05 am

    I originally thought I’d have zero flowers too. We ended up using some for our centerpieces and I don’t regret it one bit. I love the feather touches – will look amazing!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    konya düğün salonları, Guest @ 4:47 am

    I really like your site a lot of fun pictures

  6. graywolf Bee
    graywolf 725 posts, Busy bee @ 5:52 pm

    paper flowers for me!

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