Floral Dilemma

I don’t know anything about flowers.

Yeah, I know what some of them look like. I can tell a peony from a poppy. I can correctly identify Queen Anne’s Lace when I’m walking along a country road. And a rose is a rose is a rose, of course.

But I’ve only gotten maybe three or four bouquets in my life — one grocery store bouquet on the occasion of my graduation, miniature yellow roses from my parents on my 18th birthday, bright pink and white lilies for an anniversary.

So I have no idea how much flowers cost or where to buy them. I know what I like: full, open blooms like peonies, which of course, I can’t afford on our teeny tiny budget. What bride doesn’t love peonies? They’re so soft and romantic. Perfect for a wedding.


That’s OK, though. Being ignorant about flowers means that I’m not dead set on a designer flower like a peony. I just want that full — and a little bit wild — look, much like Mrs. Peacock’s bouquet.


This was actually my second bouquet inspiration. My first was lilacs, like Nole’s bouquet:


Lilacs are kind of “our” flower. You see, last spring, when we were first dating, I bought him a lilac bush! Odd present, I know.

On Valentine’s Day, I snuck into Mr. Bunny’s apartment to make him breakfast. We ate together, sitting on the couch in front of The Today Show (a real anomaly for us, since we never watch TV together, especially not in the morning!). They were doing a feature on the meanings of different flowers, so I asked him his favorite.

Lilacs, he said. His mom had a bush in her yard when he was growing up, and he loved the smell. Plus he’s not a big fan of cut flowers. His philosophy is to let them live out their lives in peace. 😉

It was later that afternoon that I hatched my plan. I would get him lilacs. I called local nurseries to ask how soon they would carry lilacs and waited (rather impatiently). Two months later, I surprised him on a random weekday afternoon by driving up to his apartment with a giant bush growing in my front seat!

He planted it in his yard, and within a few weeks, tiny purple buds began to appear. He said it was the best present he’d ever gotten.

So yeah. Lilacs were my first thought when it came to flowers. But we’re having a July wedding, so they’re kind of out of the question. *sigh*

I’ve called three florists so far, and I have quotes from two of them.

Florist #1 is a store that was highly recommended on The Knot. They suggested open roses, lisianthus, sweet pea, fugi mums and white wax flower.

Lisianthus? I thought I’d never heard of it until I read online it’s a prairie flower known most commonly as prairie rose or Texas bluebell. Ah yes! I believe I’ve heard tell of you, lisianthus! You’re really quite lovely.


Florist #2 suggests vendela, Anna and Katherine roses, porcelana roses, snapdragons, dianthus, hypericum berry, waxflower, jade trachelium and seeded eucalyptus.

Yikes! That’s quite a variety of things I’ve never heard of before. Seeded eucalyptus?


Oh! Those little green berry things! Right! I totally knew that.

Both quotes are well over my budget, but Florist #2 was quick to assure me that she would do whatever she could to help me bring the costs down if they were too high.

Plus Florist #2’s online gallery (though small) is totally kickin’.


I LOVE both of these bouquets.

I’m the uncertain type, so I’ve scheduled a meeting with a third florist for Saturday afternoon. I know, I’m crazy. I’m also completely incapable of making decisions.

How did you decide on your florist? By price? Or by style?


Mrs. Bunny

Wedding Date:
July 2009
Green Grumbles Be Gone!
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  1. labrador Member
    labrador 1823 posts, Buzzing bee @ 6:27 pm

    I completely feel you! I’m not into flowers at all so when I first starting researching them, I focused on look and not price. So when I settled on peonies being my favorite, it was too late to consider the cost cause I was in love. So I’m doing the fake florals to get what I want at a fraction of the cost. le sigh.

  2. Member
    MsPeanutButter 139 posts, Blushing bee @ 8:55 pm

    still on the fence, but my friend bought her flowers from sams club and made very classic rose bouquets from the flowers there. all bouquets and bouts cost under 150.00. just a thought. i know they have other flowers and you may be able to request them? that way you arent running the risk of someone else having that idea and buying them all out. also she had her mom make them. i wouldnt suggest you make them the morning of!

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