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A while back, I wrote how I was seriously considering buying wholesale flowers and arranging them myself for our wedding day. A lot of you cheered me on (thanks!), but some of you suggested it might be wise to at least talk to a floral professional and hear out my options.

So I did. It went great, but I was still undecided. And then Mr. Pony up and got a job and moved himself half way across the country, making me go a little crazy back home. So, for my sanity (and for that of the public’s), we’ve decided to outsource our floral design, but not before I show you all the beautiful inspiration I gathered in preparation for our meeting. Because who doesn’t love staring at floral inspiration?

I absolutely love this bouquet, but I am not naive enough to believe I could get peonies in September. Isn’t it gorgeous though? Sigh.


Flowers by Holly Heider Chapple Flowers / Photo by Freed Photo / Via The Full Bouquet

I love this simple, sweet bouquet the bride made herself. Plus, it helped that all of the colors seem to fit nicely into our color scheme.


Photography by Sabine Scherer / Flowers DIY-d by the bride / Photo via Once Wed

This was my main inspiration for our centerpiece flowers, I just love the dahlias and richness of the deep reds in this arrangement.


Flowers by Holly Heider Chapple Flowers / Photo by Collins Metu / Via The Full Bouquet

This was another bouquet I loved for inspiration even though those blasted peonies are in it. I love the monochromatic look and I’ve been leaning towards an all red bouquet for quite a while now (perhaps from reading too much Weddingbee and seeing that pretty red bouquet up there all the time?).


Flowers by Lewis Miller for LMD Floral / Via Brides

I’ve already shared with you my love of succulents, so I couldn’t not bring it up during our meeting. Plus the succulent + garden rose combo in this bouquet makes me swoon.


Flowers by Holly Heider Chapple Flowers / Photo by Kristen Gardner / Via The Full Bouquet

I used this as inspiration for my bridesmaids’ bouquets because I love that spider mums are so hardy and I absolutely love the green and white combo to go with our color scheme.


Flowers by Holly Heider Chapple Flowers / Photo by Genevieve Lieper / Via The Full Bouquet

I love the natural look of this next bouquet. It’s so organic and fresh looking. I would love to incorporate this feel into many of our wedding flowers. Plus tulips are one of my all time favorite flowers.


Flowers by Holly Heider Chapple Flowers / Photo by Anne Robert / Via The Full Bouquet

I toyed around with the idea of having an all white or neutral bouquet because I think that look is incredibly timeless and beautiful, but I love color far too much to implement this idea. I love the fullness and texture of this bouquet, so it got included as well.


Flowers by Holly Heider Chapple Flowers / Photo by Kate Headley / Via The Full Bouquet

These bouquets were also inspiration for my bridesmaids’ bouquets. I love all the green! And these would really pop against the girls’ pretty burgundy dresses.


Flowers by Holly Heider Chapple Flowers / Photo by Amy Martin / Via The Full Bouquet

One word: ranunculus. I love this little petal-icious flower. The evergreen puts this bouquet too far into the Christmas category for my tastes, but I had to bring at least one picture featuring my newest favorite flower.


Flowers by Holly Heider Chapple Flowers / Photo by Hannah Chapple / Via The Full Bouquet

If you can’t tell from my pictures, I’m all over the place with my inspiration. Luckily, our florist was able to wade through the inspiration and break down exactly what I think I want for our wedding flowers. We’ll have another meeting in a few weeks to make final decisions and hammer out some final little details, but until then I can relax knowing that someone else has this very important detail in their experienced and capable hands.

I will admit I am a little sad that I won’t be arranging all the flowers for our wedding. I really think it would be a fun activity for my favorite girls the day before the wedding, but it also has the potential to be a major stressor for me and anyone who dare help me. And in the end, reducing my stress seems to be the prudent thing to do.

Did you change your mind on a DIY? Was it a good decision or did it make you a little sad after you made your decision? Any die hard DIYers think I made the wrong choice?


Mrs. Pony

Bloomington, IL
Wedding Date:
September 2011
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  1. ladyfingers Bee
    ladyfingers 1257 posts, Bumble bee @ 5:01 pm

    Those are all so pretty! I’ve totally turned into a flower type of girl throughout this process. I was originally going to DIY flowers, and decided not to. I won’t regret it. I bet you won’t, either!

  2. Member
    thefuturemrs.o 221 posts, Helper bee @ 6:14 pm

    I know you love peonies, but after your post I started searching a little and since you can rarely find them I thought about cabbage roses! Check them out… They’re very similar!

  3. Member
    girlgoingwest 13 posts, Newbee @ 11:03 pm

    So funny that most of your inspiration pics came from Holly Heider Chapple… I went to school with her son! She does AMAZING, incredibly inspiring floral work. To die for! 🙂

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