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Nope, I’m not going anywhere. You can’t get rid of me that easily! What I’m referring to, of course, is our exit from the reception or, as our fabulous venue calls it, our “gala send off.” How fancy is that? It brings something like this to my mind:

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I am definitely on board with anything that makes me feel like a princess (technically duchess, I suppose, but I’m sticking with princess), so a gala send-off it is!

We have a choice of using bubbles, rose petals, or sparklers. For those of you who are as impatient as I am, I won’t drag this out (because obviously wondering what item we are using at our send off would keep you up all night). For us, the choice was clear:

SPARKLERS. Before we get to the winner, let’s take a moment to appreciate the runner-ups.

First up: Bubbles.

Image via / Photo by Grant Issac Studio

I love how playful and fun bubbles are, and for me they immediately bring to mind fun childhood memories. A few concerns (and yes, these are totally crazy-bride-who-over-thinks-everything concerns): 1) Does the bubble juice get on your dress? I should probably be more concerned about spilling food on myself at dinner, but the thought of wearing my dress and purposely walking though any liquid, even when in tiny bubble form, makes me cringe a little bit. And 2) I wonder if the bubbles would work well outside after dark? I suppose there would be enough light around to provide some reflection, but I’m just not sure”¦

Next up: Rose Petals.

Image via / Photo by Photography by Vanessa / Event by BZ Events

A very classy, elegant option. Certainly not a bad thing, but not the first 2 words I would use to describe our wedding. I think rose petals could be beautiful in some situations, but they are a little too formal for us. Also, similar to the bubbles, I worry about how visible they would be outside in the dark. Hmm, what could possibly ease my concern and make a kick-butt statement outside in the dark? Oh, that’s right”¦


Sparkler send-offs have become super popular, and we are SO jumping on that bandwagon. I love how they feel so celebratory and how they are so, well, sparkly! I have always been a huge fan of fireworks, and this seems like the perfect way to incorporate them into the wedding without paying for an actual fireworks display (speaking of cringing, I think Mr. D would have the big one if I added a fireworks show to the budget). If you have browsed similar sites as me, you have probably seen your fair share of sparkler exit inspiration pics, but here are a couple of my favs from our venue.

Image via / Photo by The Collection / Event by Cedarwood Weddings
Image via / Photo by Ulmer Studios / Event by Cedarwood Weddings

And in case the sparkler exit is not arranged by your venue, here some tips on how to properly add some sparkle to your send off.

Are you having a gala goodbye? What are your thoughts on a sparkler send off? Any logistics to consider?


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  1. dalmatian Bee
    dalmatian 592 posts, Busy bee @ 3:52 pm

    @knvprincess143: Haha, Mr. D thinks probably wouldn’t have gone for it if it wasn’t included in the price!
    @christyhal: Good point about the sparks – I will have to make sure the guests stand far enough away from me!
    @pinkdiamonddolly: Oh no! I guess that would definitely be a con for rice, haha.
    @Melissa: I love the ribbon wands! Those look awesome.
    @Mrs. Jaguar: Ooh yay! I am so excited 🙂

  2. Member
    amelieisme 83 posts, Worker bee @ 8:22 pm

    I do love the sparkler exit! We couldn’t do much at our venue so did water-soluble confetti, which worked just fine and wasn’t too $$ on etsy.

    Regarding logistics, be careful using sparklers too close to a building. A friend of mine used sparklers near the hotel where she was had her reception and exited out the door. The smoke from the sparklers went inside the building and set off the fire alarms. Firetrucks were pulling up as the newlyweds were trying to pull away!

  3. Member
    kikigurl 172 posts, Blushing bee @ 5:05 am

    @Miss Fox: We aren’t leaving our venue either! However, I am using sparklers too! What I have decided is to have all the guest gather on the beach before the end of the night, and light their sparklers as we are lighting our wish lantern to send off. Maybe you can do that too? That way it won’t be strange cause you aren’t leaving, and you will still get your sparkler photos!

  4. Member
    JuneBride2012 536 posts, Busy bee @ 8:09 pm

    I love sparkler exits! Like some of the other commenters, though, my venue doesn’t allow them. 🙁

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