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Note: This post is entirely about my thoughts and opinions. You are welcome to disagree! Please do so in a respectful manner, however. Weight is a touchy subject!

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about wanting to lose weight for their wedding. I think this is great if it helps improve their self-esteem and general pride in themselves. That being said, I don’t think losing weight for a wedding is sustainable.

I don’t know why you’d want to weigh yourself in a wedding dress”¦those suckers are HEAVY! / Image via Brides.com

If you lose weight and use your wedding as a marker for a milestone of healthy changes: awesome. If you use it as your be-all-end-all, that makes me less happy.

Weight loss entails change. For some this is a diet change or an exercise change or both. But if your goal is weight loss and weight loss only and you stop trying once you pass your marker, chances are you’ll revert to old habits.

I have been asked if I’m trying to lose weight for the wedding. My answer is no. Sparky and I started our lifestyle change back in 2008, long before an engagement or marriage were even on the radar. (His, anyway).

The basic story is this: in January of 2008 I was unhappy with my body and the way that I looked. I wasn’t confident and I just generally felt gross. I had always been thin, but after graduating and starting to date Sparky I began to gain weight. Before I knew it I had reached my highest weight *ever.* Sparky, on the other hand, had been heavy for most of his life. He had been trying without much success to get healthy with a personal trainer but had not lost much weight. Mostly he ate out at restaurants—a big reason why I also gained so much weight. That January I convinced him to see a doctor for a check-up, and the doctor told him that he was obese and that he had all the markers for diabetes. It was time for a change, for both of us.

I started paying attention to calories and planning our meals to be cooked at home. We made thoughtful choices. We still ate out and enjoyed our food, but we changed from mostly eating out to mostly eating at home.

Image via Weight Loss Tips for Brides

Since those changes I have lost 36 pounds and Sparky has lost 64. I’m within three pounds of my goal weight, where I will switch to a maintenance mindset. Sparky wants to keep losing until he no longer has a gut. Then we’ll maintain our healthy lifestyle.

I fully support losing weight for a wedding as long as the changes will be sustained. Being healthy and happy with yourself is most important.

I can honestly say that I am.


December 31, 2007 – January 14th, 2012 (our engagement date). I’ve lost almost 10 more pounds since the picture on the right was taken!

Have you struggled with weight and being comfortable in your own skin? What kind of changes did you make to help you be more comfortable with yourself?


Mrs. Campfire

Seattle, WA
Wedding Date:
September 2013
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  1. Member
    Great Gatsby 136 posts, Blushing bee @ 11:59 am

    This post made me so happy to read! Congratualtions Miss Campfire for losing weight the healthy way!!!! I was heavy in high school, lost 75 pounds my senior year, then gained 45 back after I started dating my fiance. Like you and Sparky, we ate out… A LOT!
    What spurred me to start losing the weight wasn’t the wedding (we had already been engaged for 9 months when I started losing). It was that feeling that I wasn’t “myself” anymore. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin, and the clothes I used to love wearing didn’t fit.
    I’ve lost 30lbs since October and still have 15 to go :). What makes me shake my head is that people assume that I’m only losing weight to fit into my dress!

  2. campfire Bee
    campfire 1045 posts, Bumble bee @ 12:44 pm

    @Great Gatsby: Congratulations to you, as well!

  3. Member
    halolover 248 posts, Helper bee @ 11:24 pm

    Congrats on doing something for yourself that made you happier in your own skin. And much healthier too I’m sure. I lost 90 pounds 8 years ago and have kept most of it off. I stray up 15 pounds and battle it back off. I know what weight I feel best at and try to maintain a more healthy lifestyle than when I was overweight. And some people can carry extra weight and feel good about themselves. I just wasn’t one of those people.

  4. campfire Bee
    campfire 1045 posts, Bumble bee @ 8:34 am

    @halolover: I wasn’t either. I am definitely a lot more comfortable now. And congratulations on 90 lbs! That’s awesome!

  5. msbicycle Bee
    msbicycle 718 posts, Busy bee @ 8:21 am

    Nice work! I agree that unless you truly make a lifestyle change, you will not maintain your healthy body. And then you’ll always look back at your wedding pictures and feel bad about yourself for not looking like that anymore!

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