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Hello hive! It’s been a while. smiley1010 I apologize for being MIA. Mr. Eggplant and I have been really busy trying to sort out our housing situation at the moment. We are no longer purchasing the SF condo that we had planned on buying. smiley2 There were some complications with the timing of the finished construction, our marriage date, and title issues. It’s a long and complicated story and I’ve been pretty bummed out about it lately. But I’m thankful that we still have a roof over our heads and two great jobs that provide more than we need for food on our table. Anyway, onto my post. smiley1010

Mr. Eggplant and I were very blessed to have worked with some amazing vendors througout our wedding, including our photographers, Ray and Erwin of Apertura Photography. Both of them really went above and beyond in their service to us. We wanted to thank them with something extra special to show them how much we appreciated their friendship and professionalism.

I am a huge gift person and I love giving very personalized gifts to others. I decided to put together a special package for Ray and Erwin:

  1. A Guitar Hero tee for Ray (he LOVES his guitar hero. smiley1010 )
  2. A videogame controller tee from Heavy Tees (no longer available on their site) for Erwin who loves graphic tees and also wanted to purchase a new gaming unit.
  3. Ray & Erwin love coffee so both received a reserve coffee gift with 1/2 lb of Kona and 1/2 lb of Jamaica Blue Mountain beans (YUM).
  4. Wind up sushi for Erwin who loves sushi (Ray disklikes all seafood. smiley1010 ).
  5. An Oops bottle opener/coaster for Erwin.
  6. Vintage robot magnets for Ray.
  7. Jazz guitar ice stirrers for Ray.
  8. Stuffed ninja dolls for both, representing both of their stealth-like photo skills.
  9. Hurricane Popcorn from our Hawaiian honeymoon.
  10. Chocolate chip cookies in a handmade box.
  11. Milk to go with the cookies (a Tokidoki blind box).
  12. And a card made by me. smiley1010

I’m happy to say that they received their gifts this week and loved them. smiley1010 Here are some fun pics of the gifts that they posted on their blog:




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October 2007
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    Gifts For Great Vendors | Jazz Guitar Digest, Guest @ 7:47 pm

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    Thea T, Guest @ 8:36 pm

    Wow! Cute! i’d love to get a package with cool stuff like that!

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    kbok, Guest @ 2:46 am

    your gifts are so thoughtful , creative, and fun!

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    Toks A., Guest @ 1:57 pm

    I’ll be honest just by looking at the quality of the images I’d love the gifts even before I got them. They look beautiful.

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