Hammerhead Invitations Reveal!

After sending out our invites a week ago (in advance of the poorly advertised one-cent hike in 2+ oz. postage—fun fact!), the RSVPs are starting to roll into our mailbox, and you know what that means: time for an invitation reveal!

Let’s pretend you’re the President and you get this in the mail:


(The contrast between the ink and the envelope is better in real life—the lighting when I took these photos was a bit harsh and washed things out a little.)

You open it veeeery carefully so as not to rip anything inside (ha) and find this:


I like to think of our invitations as business on the outside, party on the inside. Yay color! I decided to stamp + emboss a silhouette of Cape Cod on the pre-cut envelope liners I bought from Cards & Pockets. I stamped it on the lower part of the liner instead of the upper, triangular part in the hope that our guests would be able to see it even if they ripped open their envelope like a normal person. And yeah, not everyone will recognize the Cape Cod shape—in fact, when we showed our draft to Mr. Hammer’s parents, FFIL said, “I like the hook!” (sigh)—but it makes me happy and it was a pretty quick hack, so meh, whateva! Oh, and we typed our guests’ names and/or nicknames on their belly bands, and that’s by far the thing we’ve gotten the most comments about. Go figure.

Once you slip off the belly band, you find this:


My favorite part of any field trip, conference, summer camp program, etc. is when you get the orientation packet with all those fun details. It’s the planner-nerd in me. I loved the way pocketfolds sort of emulate that anticipation-filled “here’s a folder with everything you need to know in it” feel, so I knew from the start that we’d be using them. I think you’re usually supposed to mount the main invitation on a mat before you attach it to the folder, but I didn’t want to overwhelm our already-detail-heavy invitations with another component, so I skipped it.

Want a closer look at the main invite?


I wish I didn’t have to blur out all the details, but I calligraphied our names just like the dinner and dancing part. Also, as you may remember, we letterpressed everything on an L letterpress. It’s kind of hard to see the impression in these photos, both because of the lighting and because our impression was shallower than what you’d get from a professional letterpress machine. But I have a few more glamor shots to share with you in another post that shows it off a little better!

And what’s in that pocket?


An information card and an RSVP card + envelope! The information card covered specific directions for parking at our venue (we didn’t include full directions because our guests are staying at several different hotels), a quick note on our venue’s rules about when you can arrive for the ceremony (up to 30 minutes before the start time), a note on suggested attire,* and our website. Oh, and it included BM A’s beautiful illustration (yay!), printed on our home printer before we ran them through the L letterpress. 

As for the RSVP card, I know these are a little bit of a hot mess. There’s a lot of information on there, and we could not for the life of us get those lines to print evenly, so they’re not the prettiest—but on the other hand, hopefully everyone won’t be holding on to these too long before they send them back anyway, so who cares, right? Oh, and I’m obsessed with those coral envelopes. I love the pop of color and how it allllmost coordinates with the coral accent ink, and they look so bright and cheerful in our mailbox!**

You may notice that we’re only inviting two of the Obamas, which is not what the belly band suggests. That’s because this is actually the copy we sent to Mama and Dad Hammer. The one we actually sent to the President is a little blotchy and unevenly inked. That’s right, we sent the President of the United States a reject invitation. Whoops. 

All together, now:


I am so happy with how these turned out! They’re very much our style: fun, a little casual, and a little bold. And I love the fact that we made them ourselves, with a little help beforehand from BM A. Hopefully our guests love them, too!

*I feel like the attire note is sort of an old-fashioned thing, and I was a little torn on whether to include it. I don’t care one bit what our guests are wearing, but at the same time, when I’m a guest at a wedding, I always appreciate some sort of signal for what everyone else will be wearing besides “the ceremony’s after 4:00 PM” or “it’s outside/in a church.” So, I decided to add that line in.

**I numbered the back of each RSVP card with an invisible ink pen, which I hiiiighly recommend. Three days into the RSVP cycle, it’s already come in handy. Plus, invisible ink is fun, and I’m now planning on leaving notes for Mr. Hammer all over the apartment with it. #secretagent


Mrs. Hammerhead

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    spiffanee 1244 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:27 am

    Love your invites! Can you share which fonts you used for the titles and wording please?

  2. Member
    sumshine.dawn 2813 posts, Sugar bee @ 5:28 am

    OMG I love the cape silhouette as well!! Now I wanna go to P-town! But wowzers! I love your invites!!

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