Bridesmaids’ Dress Decision! (And a Note on Color Names)

I did it! I decided. Despite my over-analyzing round one shopping aftermath, despite my fear of defining formality, I picked a dress for my ladies. We’re keeping it easy, flowy, and mossy green:


B2 #2078 in Pure Jade

Wait a tick. You’re confused by my description of this green as “mossy” and B2’s chosen adjective combo “Pure Jade?” Well friends, so am I.

And while I was ready to email all my ladies and pull the trigger on this purchase, this color controversy gave me pause. So I looked up Jade Green in Google images and found the following:


{source}, {source}

Just as I suspected, Jade is of the Aqua/Turquoise/Sea Green family. It does not have a placecard at our  wedding color palette’s table. Fortunately, the dress is definitely not Jade but rather much closer to a forest or moss green. Unfortunately my mother was temporarily convinced it’s Jade because it’s called Jade and confusedly questioned my choice.

My position: This dress is the most flattering of the bunch, and while it is not as rich a moss green as the runner up Jim Hjelm, it is $100 cheaper (Yeeee!!!):


A faceless NY MoH models B2 on the left, Jim Hjelm on the right

The pictures above are black and white to prevent any further color confusion. Droid camera compounded with bad dressing room lighting and no flash because it’s a “no pictures” zone yields faded colors that could actually be “jade”. But I assure you, it’s more like the pic up top in person.

What’s with trying to name colors and confusing discerning brides and their mothers? All dress colors should be coded to Pantone colors so we can know what we’re getting! (Dessy knows what I’m talkin’ about.)

As for the whimsy and details I had asked for in a bridesmaid’s dress? The bodice on this B2 bargain is beautifully draped, will be worn with a cardigan, and I plan to add a flower sash a la Mrs. Cowboy Boot’s gown:



How did you decide on your bridesmaids’ dresses: Did you compromise anything or try to be a people pleaser? Or did the dress reveal itself as an easy choice?


Mrs. Thimble

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  1. Member
    winter 1333 posts, Bumble bee @ 2:12 pm

    the color of your dress is beautiful

  2. Member
    Mermaid1082 1752 posts, Buzzing bee @ 11:24 pm

    Well I love that dress. My maids are wearing it in Cayman. : )

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    overanalyzer, Guest @ 10:38 pm

    Great color! speaking of choices that are confusing, does anyone know the differences between the belsoie chiffons? i was reading some blogs about a “regular chiffon”, “iridenscent chiffon”, and “belsoie tiffany chiffon” and on some other blog a “silk chiffon” – has anyone found that belsoie has this many choices? I need to order these dresses !!yesterday!! and I won’t be able to go the store in person to know the differences. I know I love the cranberry but didnt know it could be in that many fabrics. I’m assuming the sheen or lack of sheen will make the color look quite different. Any help would be great!!!!

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    Lesli Paterson, Guest @ 1:48 am

    That is a fabulous dress! I love it, especially that color!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    Gold Bridesmaid Dresses, Guest @ 1:03 pm

    I will go for a dress that fits to my wedding theme and of course it is critical to fits to my bridesmaids as well!

    I will choose different cuttings for matching to my bridesmaid’s size and use colors to match my wedding theme!

    I think choosing the right color for the bridesmaid dress is critical! You think so?

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