Giving Green Gifts

I love giving people gifts, and finding gifts to thank my favorite people was no different. Whenever I have the opportunity to buy a gift, I like to make eco-friendly choices. I think the best way to do this is to give “experiences” and “useable” items. These items don’t turn into clutter, then don’t get replaced, and they don’t end up in landfills. They are simply used and enjoyed.

Father PN

My dad loves coffee and he always buys Fair-Trade Certified, Organic, Shade-Grown coffee from his local co-op. The sound of the bean grinder and the smell of fresh coffee will forever remind me of my parents’ home. Our gift for my dad was a 4 month coffee subscription to Citizen Bean. Each month he will receive 1-lb of Fair Trade Certified, Organic Shade-Grown coffee in the mail. Citizen Bean only works with small batch roasters that are committed to sustainable practices. Even more, Citizen Bean gives a portion of each month’s sales to a charity selected by the featured roaster. I called Citizen Bean and spoke with the owner. He assured me that my dad wouldn’t receive any information until after the wedding. He even sent me the welcome card so that I could give it to my dad in person.



Mama PN

Mama PN was a harder buy. Our original plan was to find a piece of vintage jewelry. I searched online and stopped into a few stores but I couldn’t find anything in our price range ($75-$100) that I thought she would really enjoy. So, as the wedding date got closer, I turned to plan B. For Mama PN I purchased a gift certificate to the Hennepin Theatre District in Minneapolis. The Hennepin Theatre Trust “is owner of the historic State, Orpheum and Pantages Theatres, is a non-profit organization devoted to enriching the vibrant cultural atmosphere of the Twin Cities.” I purchased the certificates in the amount for an average of two tickets so that she and my dad (or me on a visit home) could take in a show!

The Ladies

For my bridesmaids and SIL Pinot (honorary kick-ass assistant of the day) I choose two gifts. First, I ordered personalized note cards from Etsy seller Made by Michelle Brusegaard. I choose the following designs:

Red Poppies

Mum Motif

Mystery Flower

In addition to these adorable note cards, I also gave each girl a gift certificate to a spa in their hometown. Each certificate covered the cost and tip for a spa treatment like a massage or body polish. Minneapolis: Zilya Salon & Spa, Philadelphia: Terme di Aroma, and New York: Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.


For Mr. PN’s mom we got a digital picture frame. She loves photos and has photos of the kids all over the house. We thought this was a great option for bringing new digital photos into the home. We chose the Element 8.5″ Digital Photo Frame with Remote Control.



Mr. PN put together a special gift for his dad. He wanted to keep it just between the guys so to respect his wishes this one is classified as top secret.


The Gents

Mr. PN’s gift to his groomsmen was the custom Campbell kilts and the Campbell Clan Crest Gift Set that included the belt buckle, cuff links, kilt pin, and the sgian dubh (dagger for the sock).


For other eco-friendly gifts check out Uncommon Goods, Co-op America Green Gift Guide, and The Green Gift Guide.


Mrs. Pinot Noir

New York/Napa Valley
Wedding Date:
October 2016
Our Proposal
Secret Life of Bees: The Avocado Edition
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  1. frenchbulldog Bee
    frenchbulldog 1088 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:47 am

    I just found FH’s Christmas present – that coffee you got your dad is perfect 🙂
    I looks like you put a lot of thought into your gifts – I’m sure your family and friends appreciated that 🙂

  2. taffy Bee
    taffy 3081 posts, Sugar bee @ 12:05 pm

    I love giving experiences instead of objects! You’re right, they don’t produce clutter, and offer memories that will be fondly remembered. 🙂

  3. Member
    Angelas 15 posts, Newbee @ 4:39 pm

    Did you buy the kilts, or pay for rental? I’m just wondering because my husbands kilt was around $1000

  4. dumpling Bee
    dumpling 750 posts, Busy bee @ 6:05 pm

    Ah, I’m dying to know what he got his dad! I’m such a 3 year old when it comes to top secret stuff!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    Amy Wike, Guest @ 12:18 am

    Those are such cute ideas! I wish I would have thought of those for my wedding party. I love ‘sustainable’ green gifts!

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    Amy Wike, Guest @ 12:19 am

    Those are such cute ideas! I wish I would have thought of those for my wedding party. I love ‘sustainable’ green gifts!!

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