A Foxy Fête: Dapper Dudes

Oh, to be a man and have it take all of five minutes to get ready for one of the biggest and most photographed days of your life. Must be nice.

All photos by Exclamation Imagery unless otherwise noted.


Groomsmen Matty & Negs

So while it took me literal hours to get all gussied up, it took Foxy and his four groomsmen less than ten minutes. I present to you: the guys getting ready.


Best Man Carkey


Groomsman Matty


Brother Groomsman


Groomsman Negs



Foxy-licious himself

Boom. Done. Eventful, huh?

I asked Foxy if he had any stories to tell from that morning, and the only one I got was that he asked someone who worked at the Vandiver for some Guinness for him and the guys. After having to somehow prove he was the groom, they got a whopping four-pack about a half hour later for the five of them to share. I guess it pays to be the bride? Sheesh.

Regardless, I was always adamant in having a second photographer for the primary goal of being able capture those moments, no matter how brief. The whole “guys getting ready” shots are kind of a not-so-secret obsession of mine, and I still totally love looking through all of them over and over (and over)!


Big, puffy-heart love this one.

Now, in an effort to not have this be the worlds shortest post ever, I might as well share the moment when Foxy opened the gift I got for him, yes? We didn’t do an official exchange (even though I hinted at it), but I still found a last minute, cute and little keepsake that I wanted him to have and thought he would enjoy. And even though I didn’t get a gift from him the day of the wedding, he did buy me a pretty smokin’ pair of Oakley’s the week before…which I told him could count as my “wedding gift.” Fair is fair. 😉

So while I was getting my hair done, I passed Foxy’s gift off to Officiant Em to bring over to his room. Thus commenced the presenting of said gift by groomsman Matty..


(personal photo)

…the reading of the card…


(personal photo)

…the opening of the gift…


(personal photo)

…and the utter confusion.


(personal photo)

Fortunately, Em stuck around to encourage him to reread the card, hinting telling him that there was probably a clue to what the gift actually was and what it meant in there somewhere. Despite his protests, Foxy eventually found (the fairly obvious place) where I explained it.


It was nothing fancy, but was just meant to be sentimental. It’s simply a keychain (from Etsy shop Pat’s Design) with a copper charm and four pennies—one from his birth year, one from mine, one from the year we met/started dating and one from 2012 that I had imprinted with our actual wedding date. So it’s sweet and functional—now he has no excuse not to remember our anniversary, hah!

And so, with the the guys all dressed and the girls all gussied up, it was just about time for our first look…!


It’s Wedding Week!

We’re Cool People (who had to deal with a slight change of plans)

Practice Makes Perfect.. And Crabs Don’t Hurt, Either

Rise and Shine!

Pretty Women

Dressed Up


Mrs. Fox

Washington DC/Havre de Grace, MD
Wedding Date:
June 2012
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  1. potion Bee
    potion 223 posts, Helper bee @ 7:20 am

    Very creative gift!

    And posts like these make me so thankful we’re having a 2nd shooter- can’t wait for the shots of the guys getting ready!

  2. bracelet Bee
    Mrs. Bracelet 279 posts, Helper bee @ 5:00 pm

    What a sweet (and functional) gift!

  3. beanstalk Bee
    Mrs. Beanstalk 770 posts, Busy bee @ 7:39 pm

    that was such a creative and thoughtful gift!!!

  4. mspony Bee
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 9:13 am

    Love your gift to Foxy, so sweet!

  5. Member
    Snowflake343 112 posts, Blushing bee @ 8:44 am

    1.) I absolutely LOVE your gift for Foxy! So cute and clever!
    2.) I completely share your obsession with guys-getting-ready pictures and I was very, very sad to find out that our photographer only got 3. 🙁 I was originally going to have a friend there as a second photographer, but she couldn’t come and since they do have an amazingly short get ready time, apparently the photographer missed it. 🙁 Fortunately, my husband (!!) knew I would want pictures and took a bunch with his cell phone. Cell phone pictures are way better than none at all, that’s for sure, but it still made me a little sad.

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    MrsElle, Guest @ 8:26 am

    Hi Foxy! Where did you get the ties for the groomsmen? I’ve been looking for ties that exact color but so far haven’t had any luck. Thanks 🙂

  7. msfox Bee
    msfox 1635 posts, Bumble bee @ 8:57 am

    @MrsElle: We got them through Dessy – color is Oasis!

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