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One of the first things Mr. Pancakes and I decided early in the planning process was that we wanted to be as green as possible. The reality is, this is the most money we’ll have ever spent on anything, and we don’t want to spend it polluting the planet. To us this means we will only spend money on things that are really going to be meaningful or useful. For example, we won’t use tiny bags for favors that people will just throw away, when we could just use one reusable basket or just put them out on a table.

When thinking about our guestbook, we really wanted to think of something that we would get to appreciate for years to come. Personally, I like the idea of putting our engagement photos into a bound album and having guests sign it. I also like the idea of a photobooth with Polaroids that the guests can sign and add to a wishing tree or something. Enter Internet. There are SO many amazing alternatives to the traditional guestbook.

{Aaron of True Photography, via Brooke Keegan}

I really like the idea of signing shoes, especially if you aren’t going to wear the shoes again.

{Style Me Pretty}

I also really liked this oar idea. I don’t know why, but I think that these oars would look nice up on a wall or something. However, I don’t think these go with the theme of our wedding.

{Project Wedding}

I like the idea of signing champagne bottles because I am secretly a bottle hoarder. I kept the bottle of champagne we (I) drank the night we got engaged, but had to throw it out because we were moving and it’s just not practical to shuttle bottles around. I kept the label, though. Unfortunately, I just don’t think this idea is very practical.

{Kind Over Matter}

I love the way these wish trees look. Plus, if you got one of those metal book rings, you could make a little flip book out of the messages. That could make a really sweet keepsake. I was also thinking we could even use some medium-sized luggage tags, and then make a little luggage-tag book. I would stamp one side with quotes or something, and the guests could write their messages on the other side. It would be A-DORABLE.

{Wedding Channel}

This bowl got me thinking about ring bowls…If you have few enough guests, you could have everyone sign your ring bowl, which would be an amazing keepsake. I also like the picture frame a lot.

{Elizabeth Anne Design}

This is one of my very favorites. The guest”book” quilt. Since my sewing machine no longer works, I would probably have to buy a quilt and just have the guests sign it, unless I could find someone who was willing to sew the squares together for me. I also love this idea because it is so practical. I love quilts, and it would be great to have one that was covered in the warm wishes of the people I love most.

What are some other great ideas that I’ve missed?


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