Hair and Makeup Trial with Lypor Tea

On Friday, I had my hair and makeup trial with Lypor*! I was really excited, because I haven’t had my hair done since….err… high school prom?Anyway, here’s the obligatory “Before” picture:

Miss Toucan sans makeup, sans hair product.

Since I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my hair, Lypor decided to do my makeup first, so that at the end, we could try as many hairstyles as time would allow. I told Lypor that I wanted a mostly natural look, but I wasn’t afraid of eye makeup, and that maybe we could go more dramatic with the eyes.

Miss Toucan is staring at you. (Note: one eye has false lashes and the other eye does not)

Lypor suggested since we were going more a little more dramatic with the eyes, that I try false eyelashes. Despite having pretty full eyelashes, mine are actually pretty short. You can see the biggest difference in the profile shots:

Normal vs Fake eyelash

I wasn’t fully convinced to use falsies because I’ve never worn them before, so Lypor left them on one eye for the entire trial (you will notice lopsided eyes in all my hair pictures!).

After the makeup was done, it was on to the hair!

I am a dork and took pictures of the hair trial through the mirror during the entire trial.

I really thought I wanted to do a down-do or half-up half-down, so we started with the down-do first (plus it’s the easiest to start with).

Hair option #1

It felt really glamorous, but at the same time, for some reason, it felt like too much. Lypor suggested that if I chose this look, I might want to trim my shorter front layer a few inches so that weird curl on the right-side of the picture fell better. Lypor also felt that possibly this do would be too much, and suggested that we pull at least half of it back so that you can see my face.

In between styles, here I am being annoying and taking pictures from the chair again.

Hair option #2

I really liked that my hair was out of my face, yet I still had some of my hair down, but we had one more hairstyle to try…

In between hairstyles again…

The up-do:

Hair option #3

I was actually really surprised that I ended up liking this one the best! The back is a little messy because this was the 3rd hairstyle of the day, but it will be much neater the day of. The other reason why I think I’ll end up going with this style is that both my wedding dress and my qipao have lower backs, and an up-do would probably give both dresses extra drama.

After the trial, I took more pictures when I got home. Lypor didn’t use the zoom on my camera and took pictures literally less than a foot away from my face, so the unkindly light + the flash so close to my face didn’t show what a great job she actually did on my makeup.

Pictures by the window at my parents’ house
(Note: Little Sister Toucan is a goober and loves to pop up into my pictures).

Here in these pictures, you can see that the makeup is much more natural looking than some of the pictures above. All in all I was relieved that I had a great trial! I’m still surprised that I ended up liking the up-do the best since I usually don’t like to wear my hair up. Though, I guess it is kind of nice to look different from how you normally look on your wedding day. 🙂

What do you think? Which did you like best?

*Note: Lypor’s website only works in Internet Explorer, and not Mozilla Firefox.


Mrs. Toucan

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June 2008
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    THERESA, Guest @ 4:16 pm

    OMG- i am 3 blog posts behind so i was just skimming and thought the before was the pic after you had everything done and i still thought you were so beautiful…then i saw the real after- you look like a model- very glam. love it!

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    THERESA, Guest @ 4:17 pm

    wait PS now that I am looking at it again BY FAR THE BEST PART IS Amanda in the background with a RARRRRR face. did anyone else notice that?

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    Elaine, Guest @ 8:22 pm

    I love your false lashes. Were they full false lashes or were they individual ones?

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