Hair Up, Glasses Off: Remix

A few weekends ago, we trekked out to California for my sister’s college graduation. Why is this relevant to weddings? Well, luckily enough, Mr. CA’s Auntie also lives in the same town, so we were able to get together with her. Bonus? She is also my wedding hair and makeup artiste extraordinaire!

So, of course, we simply had to do a trial while I was down there, right? I mean, come on, who doesn’t love getting themselves done up all nice and pretty like? No one.

Armed with my hair-spiration, we set off. Unfortunately, due to terrible weather across the country, flights were delayed out of Newark, and we missed our connection in Phoenix. Which meant we landed in Phoenix around 1am. Meaning we had to sleep in the Phoenix airport to catch our super-early-morning flight. I was not pleased. Airport-sleeping does not make for a beautiful, fresh-faced Miss Candy A. Yep, I looked pretty haggard. Poor Auntie, she wasn’t going to have much to work with.

Once we landed, we met up with Auntie and Uncle CA for lunch, then the appointment. I dragged my mom along and pressed her into service as our photographer for the day. Mr. CA and Uncle CA also ended up joining us, so it was just a big ol’ Candy Apple party!

Get ready – lots of pics coming your way!


Me, fresh off the Phoenix airport floor with less than an hour’s sleep. Dehydrated. Tired. Sexy. Wait, which of those doesn’t belong?


Showing Auntie the joys of Pinterest with my saucy curlers in.


I actually really liked the curlers, and vowed to purchase some hot rollers of my own. This has yet to happen. Oh well.


Curls! Love. Seriously, I have always wanted beautiful, luscious curls. Stupid straight hair.


I look like a cheerleader here. Mr. CA arrived around this time, and was kind of like, oooh, you look…. nice? Heh, poor guy. I informed him that I wouldn’t look like this the day of our wedding, and he was quite relieved.


And voila! Hair is all done. I told Auntie that I wanted a loose, low updo. I didn’t want it to look super sleek, and I think it turned out really well. Exactly as I was envisioning it! Minus my haggard appearance, and drooping eyes.


The side, with Mr. CA and Uncle CA in the background. They’re troopers.



I told you – Mom CA = photog. She took her job seriously.


And the back! Simple. Elegant. Natural, and yet classy enough for the big day. Perfect!



Annnd, a close-up of me with hair done, no makeup. Again – this is after a night in the luxurious Phoenix airport. Please excuse the hideousness.


Working her magic… I don’t typically wear a ton of makeup, so my instructions to Auntie were “natural-looking, but still elegant.” I am a woman of words, let me tell you.


Deer in the headlights!


All done! Oh man, I look so tired here. But happy! And made-up! Yay!




I love how it turned out! YAY! Just as I was imagining, but better.


One of Auntie’s colleagues forced me to go outside and have a photo shoot. They like getting pictures from all angles, in different light, so that they know how the look will photograph.


Super close up. You’re welcome.


You can’t really tell in these pictures, but once I got in the car, I realized that the air-brush foundation had gotten all over my pearl earrings! Ha. It wiped off super easily, but I made a mental note to put on my jewelry after makeup on the wedding day.


A shot about an hour or so afterwards, with my lovely Sister/ MOH. Note the hair tendril creeping out.


After an afternoon consisting of a cocktail reception, mass, and another cocktail reception (it was a busy trip, let me tell you). Hair is pretty loose at this point, and that tendril/ curl has escaped the clutches of the bobby pins.

All things considered (no sleep the night before, having been on planes and in an airport for the better part of the 24 hours prior, etc.), I think the trial went really well! I am so happy with the look we’re going for – natural, yet still elegant enough for a wedding. I looked way better than I thought I could!

Auntie is, of course, a hair and makeup goddess. I loved getting my hair and face done, and she was so diligent in writing down everything she used during the trial. Seriously, she had a coloring-book style face thingy on which the stylists apply the actual makeup, to color in and show what product/ color went where. She also had a massive list in a notebook where she wrote everything down—products, steps, etc. This is crucial, people! You don’t want your stylist forgetting something on the big day. Auntie is so prepared.

Some notes from the trial: we did determine that we wanted to use slightly less air-brushed foundation around my nose. Auntie also assured me that my hair would be super-hairsprayed, with lots more bobby pins, the day of, so that it wouldn’t slip out. Don’t want that puppy falling down during the ceremony! Thankfully, I will have my stylist on-hand to fix my hair if necessary. Whew.

I am incredibly lucky that she is helping me on my wedding day! It was so much fun being able to spend some girlie time with her, too.

Did your hair and/or makeup trial come out better than expected? Do you have an amazing friend or relative helping out? Do you have an awesome Mom Photographer like I do, to document these fun events?? (Thanks, Mom!)


Mrs. Candy Apple

Princeton Junction, NJ/ Seattle, WA
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August 2011
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  1. candy apple Bee
    candy apple 1877 posts, Buzzing bee @ 5:22 pm

    Awww, thank you everyone!! Too sweet 🙂

    @Mrs. Hyena: Heh, was wondering if anyone would catch that…

    @Ree723: Yes! I was hesitant at first, but it goes on so nicely!

  2. mssocks Bee
    mssocks 1336 posts, Bumble bee @ 1:35 pm

    Makeup + Hair=AWESOME. Seriously, you look beautiful!! I love how the makeup looks like a naturally enhanced version of you–I wasn’t thrilled with my makeup on my wedding day, but I adore yours!

  3. Member
    londonfreckle 41 posts, Newbee @ 6:55 pm

    Wow, your makeup is stunning and really shows off the ‘natural look’ well. I bet you could pull off a killer red lipstick too!

  4. cucumbersandwich Bee
    cucumbersandwich 604 posts, Busy bee @ 6:28 pm

    You look so lovely. Auntie CA did a fantastic job on the hair and make-up!

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