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We got our wedding bands about a month or so ago (photos and post coming soon)! We got our bands from the same store and ordered them on the same day. They told us that they should be ready the beginning of September. Two weeks ago, Mr. B. got a phone call saying his ring was ready! Mine, however, was not (insert sad face here). He didn’t want to go and get his until mine was in too—isn’t he sweet?!

So, we waited, and waited, and waited some more! Okay, we didn’t wait that long, probably only about 14 days (but still)! The other day he finally got a call informing him that our order was in! So, yesterday we went to pick everything up!

I could not be any more happy with my selection and how it turned out! I am in love with the way it complements my e-ring! However, it wasn’t all peaches and cream for us! When they handed Mr. Beanstalk his ring and we looked down at it on his finger, we realized something wasn’t quite right!

The ring on his finger was flat with two shiny outer bands (sorry for my really bad jewelry terminology)! It was the wrong ring! The ring he wanted and ordered had a hammered effect on the inner band. The ring they presented to Mr. B was, in his words, boring! We didn’t get terribly upset, even when the woman helping us pulled out the order form with notes from the jeweler who sold it to us stating that “customer does not want hammered effect!” That blew our minds because the day we looked at rings, the only ones Mr. B even cared to see were hammered rings! That was his one criteria for a wedding band! Also, the item number on the order form was incorrect (it was for the ring they presented to Mr. B). The jewelers took full responsibility and assured us they would now order the right ring and it would arrive very soon.


This is what they presented Mr. B with. *via Furrer Jacot


This is what he had ordered (minus the diamonds). Isn’t it nice? *via Furrer Jacot

We’re not blaming the jeweler who sold it to us entirely. You see, the day we bought our rings, the jewelry store was having a special wedding band weekend event and there were many different vendors and ring makers present. The ring Mr. B fell in love with happened to be from a Swiss manufacturer whom the jewelery store does not normally carry. Lucky for us, a representative from the company was present to answer any and all of our questions. This is where I think the confusion began. The rep from the company was busy dealing with lots of customers and probably didn’t give our salesman his full attention when he was filling out the order form. However, shame on our salesman for not double checking to make sure the order was correct! And also, shame on him for stating that Mr. B did not want a hammered ring when in actuality that is all he wanted!

With that said, we left the jewelery store empty handed. Since Mr. B had waited for my rings to come in before he picked his up, I decided to leave mine at the store and wait for his to arrive too (now aren’t I the sweet one?). I know a lot of girls may not have left their rings there willingly, especially considering they are already paid for, but I know I’ll have them back soon! If only Mr. B hadn’t waited for my band to arrive, he would have discovered a lot sooner that he had the wrong ring and perhaps yesterday we both could have left the store with our wedding bands! But of course, c’est la vie!

Anyone else have a ring mishap? Did you receive a different ring from what you ordered?


Mrs. Beanstalk

Boston/Delray Beach
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October 2012
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  1. bracelet Bee
    Mrs. Bracelet 279 posts, Helper bee @ 8:05 am

    Mr. B had a hiccup with my engagement ring, so we had the shank redone.

  2. Member
    cosmo_gmr 488 posts, Helper bee @ 8:52 am

    Oh no… But, as you say, you’ll have them soon!
    Our wedding bands are hammered! I love that effect. Here’s a pic if you want to check them out 🙂

  3. mstoadstool Bee
    mstoadstool 2485 posts, Buzzing bee @ 8:57 am

    Oh no, too bad he waited till yours was in, but it was cute for him to wait.

  4. Member
    kerragegirl 57 posts, Worker bee @ 9:27 am

    We had a big hiccup. We went in to pickup my fiances wedding band, and it was the wrong size! the saleslady had forgot that they cant special order sale items, so they had no way of getting us that ring, so he had to pick out a whole new one. That was 3 weeks to the wedding, it is now 11 days out and we havent heard from the jewelers. getting anxious.

  5. coyote Bee
    coyote 2051 posts, Buzzing bee @ 1:27 pm

    Uggggh that sucks!! You are too sweet to wait to pick yours up. I would be too impatient! 😀

  6. archer Bee
    archer 551 posts, Busy bee @ 9:12 pm

    oh man, i am writing about this right now. we went to pick up my (budgetbusting, eek) custom band and my immediate reaction was bad news bears. i thought mr a was going to fall out of his chair :/

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