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I was at a wedding last weekend and mentioned to a friend that I’d be heading to New York for Bridal Market, and an old friend told me to look out for Hey Lady shoes by his good friends Jessica and Emily Leung. I asked how I would recognize them, just in case I forgot the company name, and he said, “Trust me, you’ll know them when you see them.”

Uhh… okay. I figured I’d never find them, and I left the conversation at that. But when I came upon Hey Lady, he was right: I instantly knew I’d found who I was looking for. But if I hadn’t been seeking them out in the first place, I would have been drawn to their shoe porn anyway.

St. Pucchi Nicole Miller Hey Lady 156

Jessica and Emily are young and dynamic twins, with a keen eye for amazing shoe style! Jessica was married, and couldn’t for the life of her find shoes that she loved that were not only perfect, but wearable for long periods of time. They experienced an ESP twin moment, and while each of them were pursuing different careers at the time, they dropped it all, designed a line of shoes, and Hey Lady was born. Wow!

St. Pucchi Nicole Miller Hey Lady 169

Champagne Goggles

This blingy cream pair is probably my personal fave:

St. Pucchi Nicole Miller Hey Lady 153


Okay, maybe it’s a tie between the blingy pair above, and these below with this edgy flower detailing. A little bit feminine, a little bit edgy. It’s hard to find a good balance between the two, but this pair definitely does it!

St. Pucchi Nicole Miller Hey Lady 176

Yes Ma’am

There’s an ivory/black pair that matches this tiffany blue pair, below. How incredible would it be to wear the colored pair, and have your BMs wear the coordinating ivory pair (or vice versa)?

St. Pucchi Nicole Miller Hey Lady 157

At Tiffany’s

Emily boasted that with their peep toe shoes, none show more than two toes, and they ran their shoes through production again and again until they achieved the magic two-toe show. Hilarious!

NYC Bridal Market Saturday 151

Knotty Girl

Jessica noted that this pair below was one of their most comfortable pairs of shoes.

St. Pucchi Nicole Miller Hey Lady 152

Strap Tease

NYC Bridal Market Saturday 150

Coco Puffs

NYC Bridal Market Saturday 157

Princess Buttercup

St. Pucchi Nicole Miller Hey Lady 165

Princess Buttercup

St. Pucchi Nicole Miller Hey Lady 160

Daddy’s Girl

I feel like it’s hard to find a pair of shoes to match lace dresses, so these are great!

St. Pucchi Nicole Miller Hey Lady 162

Heel, Boy

One last tidbit I learned was that they said that East Coasters order shorter heeled pairs (2.5 to 3 inch) while West Coasters order more high pairs (3.5 inch). I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact that New Yorkers walk everywhere! I can’t even tell you how ridiculous it was that I wore 4 inch heels every day to Bridal Market. I am in PAIN. I scheduled an appointment for reflexology today because I am seriously crippled from 3 days of trudging around New York!  Maybe I should have sported a pair of Hey Ladys? 😉

Which pair is your fave?


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    alyson, Guest @ 6:09 pm

    I just got my robin egg shoes with the big bows. I am in love with these shoes for my wedding. The size was true to size and fit perfect. The customer service was the best I have ever had from any other store anywhere. What a great experience and amazing quality shoes.

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