Holy Moly Matrimony: Steaks and Ice Cream Cakes

At 8:15 PM, our coordinator started encouraging people to take their seats. We got a lot of compliments on the way that the room and the tables looked, but I can’t take all of the credit. Robbie and her staff at Roots did an excellent job of setting everything up and adding some special touches. We wanted something that was lovely and simple, and we got exactly that.


We provided the place cards and the favors; Roots provided the candles and the flowers.



My incredibly biased opinion is that our guests are a pretty handsome bunch, so the tables looked even better with people sitting at them.


One of my favorite moments of the night was the initial interaction between my father and Mr. Mole at the dinner table. As they shook hands, I think everyone at the head table was reminded of their handshake during our ceremony after my father walked me down the aisle.


The waitstaff went around the room, taking orders. For the first course, our guests had a choice of the soup of the day, a Caesar salad, or a kale and apple salad. For the second course, they could choose between truffle-seared tenderloin, roasted chicken, soy-grilled tilapia, or ricotta gnocchi. The tenderloin was by far the most popular entree; 27 people, including Mr. Mole and me, ordered it. It was delicious.

After the first course, we stood up and thanked everyone for coming. Mr. Mole joked beforehand that we should have written some thank you speeches in addition to our vows. In hindsight, it’s not a bad idea.


After the second course, we cut our Dairy Queen ice cream cake!


I assume that I am gesturing here as to the size of slice that I want. Otherwise, I have no idea (but I fear that this might be one of my default hand gestures when talking).


We soon discovered that feeding each other ice cream cake was pretty messy, no matter how polite you try to be.




My cousin played “Bridge over Troubled Water” on his saxophone as ice cream cake was served to our guests. We had two large sheet cakes, as well as the round cake that we cut.



People lingered for a bit after dinner, helping themselves to another drink or slice of ice cream cake. By 10:30, though, the night was winding down and people were on their ways home. It was the end of another wonderful night.



We are so thankful that our friends and family were able to come to Milwaukee to share in the celebration of our marriage. Some of these friends and family made the trip despite the fact that they celebrated with us in Las Vegas the weekend before. We are truly lucky.

I am also truly lucky to have someone like Mr. Mole in my life, as my husband. I love him so much. I am so happy to be married to him!

All photography in Milwaukee by Gavin Gould, unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Member
    futuremrscpt 957 posts, Busy bee @ 11:18 am

    All of the food sounds fantastic! And I loooove DQ ice cream cake. *drool*

  2. Member
    Zusie 937 posts, Busy bee @ 12:07 pm

    Love the dress. RTR? I’ve been thinking about renting it.

  3. mspony Bee
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 1:39 pm

    Looks like such a fun party, and that ice cream cake sounds delicious!

  4. mole Bee
    mole 1242 posts, Bumble bee @ 3:26 pm

    @futureMrsCPT: Me too! I love the fudge and cookie part the best.
    @Zusie: It is available on RTR, but I actually bought it on deep clearance at Nordstrom Rack (almost as cheap as renting it once)! The NRs by me always have such good deals on Milly, Trina Turk, Nanette Lepore, and Theory dresses that I check there first.
    @Mrs. Pony: It was. And my lucky sister got to take almost an entire cake home after our party since we ordered too much. I wish we could have taken it on the plane for an in-flight snack! 😉

  5. Member
    bridesmomma 482 posts, Helper bee @ 6:57 pm

    Mrs. Mole, both of your receptions were lovely!!! You choose great venues!

  6. Member
    Future Army Wife 2213 posts, Buzzing bee @ 8:20 pm

    Looks like a great time!

  7. msdragon Bee
    Mrs. Dragon 814 posts, Busy bee @ 5:50 am

    Mmm, Dairy Queen ice cream cake is the best! Love the laid back vibe of your second reception!

  8. coyote Bee
    coyote 2051 posts, Buzzing bee @ 6:45 am

    Ohhhh ice cream cake!! YUMMY!

    Everything looks beautiful Mole! And I freakin’ love your place cards!

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