It’s All In The Details (Part Two)

See part one (favors) here.

Flowers are a detail that just about every bride worries about, right? Well, I was no exception. Choosing a florist proved to be one of the most difficult wedding-related decisions I had to make. (And truly, this was a decision that I had to make, because Mr. Mags wanted no part of it!)

I interviewed several florists, but I just didn’t get a feel that anyone was going to take my requests based on my (very) limited knowledge of flowers and run with it. I didn’t want someone who was going to execute exactly what I asked for, because I had very little idea what I was actually talking about!

Enter desperation mode. At a staff meeting one Friday morning, one of our managers asked if anyone had any additional business, and I blurted out, “Does anyone happen to know a good florist?!” Smooth move, Mags.

Luckily, a colleague took pity on me and slipped me a piece of paper with the name and number of my savior on it: Bettina McDowell, with Riverdale’s Floral Boutique. Not only did Bettina and I immediately hit it off, but I absolutely felt that she would be able to capture my ideas and expand on them. Mission accomplished, Bettina!

My bridal bouquets:

Yes, there were two of them. The day before the wedding, Bettina called me while I was getting my nails done. She said that she wanted to run something by me…so my stomach flipped over, I braced myself for the worst, and I said, “Okay…”

“I’m afraid that the hydrangeas in your bridal bouquet may wilt during pictures, so I’m going to make two so that you are sure to have a fresh one to walk down the aisle. Is that okay?”

Bless her. Seriously, she rocks. (Warning: this emotion may be repeated a lot during this post…)

Corsages for the mothers:

Previously blogged here, our mothers attached these beauties to their clutches before walking down the aisle. (yes, they are both in that picture…)

A close up on the bridesmaids’ bouquets:

And Mr. Magnolia’s boutonniere (I hope that’s spelled correctly):

So, centerpieces. For whatever reason, I wasn’t content to just have one kind of centerpiece, or even the popular “high and low” pairing. No, I had to opt for FIVE different kinds of centerpieces. Bless Bettina. She rocks.

The tall centerpieces on our buffet table:

First centerpiece for our high top tables:

Another centerpiece for the high top tables:

LOVE the coffee bean detail shot:

First centerpiece for larger tables:

This picture (although not a close up) also shows off our table runners, made by my MIL and her sister.

And the final centerpiece for the larger tables…hydrangea and rose petals floating in water in glass cylinders.

Whew. Well, that’s that. One last thought, because it simply can’t be said enough? Bettina rocks, y’all!


Mrs. Magnolia

Wedding Date:
January 2016
The First To Arrive!
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    brooklyn baby, Guest @ 12:25 pm

    Wow. I love all of your arrangements and I hope you don’t mind that I just may have to steal some of your ideas (I particularly love the coffee beans in the short square vases).

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    katie, Guest @ 4:26 pm

    they’re all so pretty!!

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    Kristin, Guest @ 9:46 am

    Mrs. Magnolia.
    I’m in love with your table runners. I’m a newbie sewer. Were they hard for your MIL to make? Any chance that I could get some ideas on how she did them?

    ps. A friend of mine is doing the coffee beans idea too and its so great. They’re both huge coffee drinkers and it’s a perfect compliment to the couple’s personality.

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