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I want to talk about one of my favorite wedding trends—the late-night snack.


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When we started the planning process, I hadn’t really thought about a late-night snack. Hell, I don’t think I even knew what one was at that point, aside from when you stumble to the fridge and eat everything in sight after coming home from a night out. Frankly, it is the least of my concerns at this point. (Hello, hotel block! I need to book you!) However, our venue sent us their menus prior to our tasting with them, and I noticed a little section on their late-night-snack options.


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Umm, hello?! That sounds AWESOME. Who wouldn’t want a late-night snack? I mean, you’re dancing, working up an appetite, slightly tipsy. (Who’s with me?!). Yummy snacks sound good, right?


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People have done everything, from simple french-fry cones and sliders to hiring a Molly Moon’s Ice-Cream or In-N-Out Burger truck (insanely awesome, by the way).


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Milkshakes, root beer floats, chocolate chip cookies and milk. Tacos. Regular french fries, sweet potato fries. Onion rings. Popcorn. Cotton candy. S’mores. I could go on and on. Except I won’t because you get the idea, and I am making myself hungry. And now I want a milkshake. (Dang you, Lent!)


Image via Martha Stewart Weddings

Although maybe people will be too stuffed full of dinner and delicious cake at that point? Perhaps it is just an unnecessary expense, particularly if you have edible favors?

I’m honestly not sure. Mr. Candy Apple and I are still toying with the idea. I think ultimately it will come down to cost, as sad as that sounds. But, we’re keeping our minds open!


Image via Martha Stewart Weddings

What sorts of late-night snacks have you seen at weddings? Did you have any at your wedding? Do guests like this idea? Sweet or savory?


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  1. hippo Bee
    hippo 1012 posts, Bumble bee @ 9:28 am

    We did late night mini-donuts (hot, fresh, made right in front of you), and it was a HUGE hit!

  2. meerkat Bee
    meerkat 3257 posts, Sugar bee @ 9:57 am

    I love the late night snack! I went to a wedding where they did this and by the time it came out I was ready for a little snack.

    BTW I am a SUCKER for an in-n-out burger. Ever since my in-laws moved back from CA, I lost my supplier. 😉

  3. candy apple Bee
    candy apple 1877 posts, Buzzing bee @ 2:33 pm

    @Miss Palmetto: Oooh vintage cake plates and china!! love it

    @kcroxyoursox: YES, agreed. This is one thing that we’re keeping in mind re: possibility of late night snacks

    @hotchocolate: Ewwwwwwww no

    @Melody: That sounds so incredibly good

  4. candy apple Bee
    candy apple 1877 posts, Buzzing bee @ 2:35 pm

    @Miss Magic: YAY I was thinking of surprising Mr CA with this too!! 🙂 We’ll see…

    @Miss Pain au Chocolat: 😉

  5. candy apple Bee
    candy apple 1877 posts, Buzzing bee @ 2:36 pm

    @Mrs. Hippo: OMG made fresh?! I die….

    Everyone has such good ideas/ past experiences! I am now starving…

  6. carousel Bee
    carousel 590 posts, Busy bee @ 6:05 am

    Great ideas in this post!! We will definitely not have a late night snack at the venue as the 6 course dinner will finish at 10 PM and then there will be the cake. But we will probably go somewhere else for the afterparty, so maybe there…

  7. Member
    FerlayJosefin 4 posts, Wannabee @ 5:13 pm

    This is a stupid question, but how do you ladies get cheeseburgers & fries from McDonalds or Tacos from Taco Bell, especially if it’s after hours?

    My wedding venue closes at 2am so our reception ends at that time! We are also having open bar so this would be AMAZING for all 300 of my guests!

  8. candy apple Bee
    candy apple 1877 posts, Buzzing bee @ 1:47 pm

    FerlayJosefin: Hmm, I’m not sure how it would work with Taco Bell or McDonalds. Maybe get them ahead of time and all ready to go for when you serve? The places I mentioned above (Molly Moon’s, In-N-Out, etc.) I believe will hire out trucks to go to your venue. You may want to try asking at your local McD’s or wherever you are thinking, to see if they have done something like this before?

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