Letting It All Down… Including The Veil?

With my hair trial coming up, I need to really get on the ball about finding some hairstyles that I like! Currently, I am wavering between letting it all down and having my hair done half up and half down. I love the romantic look of having (deceivingly) perfect waves, such as these inspirations…

Summer in the O.C…

Eva Longoria

Jennifer Aniston

And I’ve always been amazed by Jessica Simpson’s hair!

I’ve also been considering wearing my hair half up as well, which I think may be easier to manage on the big day. My favorite inspirations below…

Jessica Simpson again, on her wedding day…
jessica simpson

And my best bud and bridesmaid, Amy, getting ready during her wedding day almost two years ago…
amys hair

I’m going to try to have my hair down for the trial and see how I like it, and then have the stylist put half of it up so that I’ll get a sense of how both styles would look.

While my preference at this point would be to have my hair down, the one question I have is how on earth to keep the veil on. Given some of the above pictures, it looks like it can be done, but I’ve tried it at the bridal salons and the veil constantly falls off! I also haven’t personally met that many brides who have had their hair down on the wedding day. I’m worried that even with a little bit of hair spray, the veil will slip off in no time.

Any tips on keeping the veil on when the hair is completely down? Would it stay for a prolonged period of time?

Oh and of course, I welcome any additional inspiration pics of long wedding hairstyles! smiley1097


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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    Emma, Guest @ 4:51 am

    I can’t remember where I saw a very clever way to keep your veil in but it’s out there. How it worked was to lift a section of your hair, put four or five tiny hair elastics on the section beneath to make little miniature pony tails and then lower the top hair again. You can’t see anything but the elastics and ponytails are there to hold the comb of your veil. I haven’t tried it but it looked pretty secure.

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Emily, Guest @ 11:17 am

    Have your hair stylist lift up the section of hair where the comb is going and make several teeny tiny braids underneath. Then have him/her place the hair back over top and stick the comb into the braids. It will definitely stay put!

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