Special Shower

During the first weekend in June, BM Apple Pie threw me a bridal shower.

Some of you may be thinking that three months in advance is pretty early to have a shower, but I’m glad that we did it this way—a lot of my friends go out of town during the summer (and Hot Buns and photographer Krista are super busy with weddings), so having it when we did gave a better opportunity for more of the people that I really care about to attend.

When I first received the invitation to the shower, I knew I was in for something amazing.


I have to admit—when I first opened the invitation I was stunned by how beautiful it was, and then when I kept reading and saw the “bring something lacy and racy” followed by my bra and underwear size, I started blushing and laughing. I mean—my future mother-in-law and my 93-year-old grandmother received this same invitation! Then I thought, “Oh well, what can I do but embrace it?” (Apple Pie later informed everyone not to worry—it was strictly PG-13!)

In truth, the shower was more Spanish themed than racy, which was a nod to my love of Spain and all things Spanish. Mostly, though, Apple Pie knew I loved any excused to eat chorizo and drink sangria.


A food spread like this wouldn’t have been complete without an amazing cake by BM Hot Buns.



S’more cake. Of course.

Since I’ve been so busy with school, it was especially nice to get to spend time with people on an amazing day. Seriously, the weather was so beautiful.


Group huddle with all of the bridesmaids: Apple Pie, Hot Buns, me, Fro-Yo, Tart

Of course, the guests did comply with Apple Pie’s request to bring something lacy and racy, and so I opened up gifts and showed off my “honeymoon supplies.” Hive, I hope you’re ready for several pictures of me blushing and laughing.


The most amusing portion of this section of the day came when I asked my Nana if she still had any of her wedding jewelry and she responded with, “I have my wedding nightie in my cedar chest.”


“It laces up the back.”

Apple Pie also had everyone participate in a game. She wanted to know how well people had been listening (and if they’d been reading this blog). She asked questions like “When did Sparky ask Miss Campfire to be his girlfriend?” “Where did Sparky ask Miss Campfire to marry him?” “Where are the Campfires going on their honeymoon and which city is Miss Campfire most excited for and what is Sparky most excited for?” The cute thing about that last question is because Apple Pie didn’t say “what city is Sparky most excited for” we got answers like “Sparky is most excited to marry Miss Campfire.” Aww”¦


I really wish I had more excuses to just hang out with my favorite people more often. That’s one of the things I’m most excited about with finishing school—the regaining of my free time.


Nephew Empanada


One current and one former coworker (Some of you may recognize fellow bee scarlet_letter.)

Once all the presents were open and everyone was done eating, we got an excuse to talk and mingle, both inside and outside. I took full advantage of the sunshine to soak up some vitamin D.


Group of friends: Cakewalk, BM Fro-Yo, and Photographer Krista in the back; BM Apple Pie, BM Hot Buns, me, and MOH Tart in the front


My Nana


Krista: amazing photographer, fantastic friend


The lovely hostess and wonderful friend: Bridesmaid Apple Pie

When Sparky was sure all the embarrassing stuff was over, he showed up to help drink sangria and eat tapas.


“You didn’t tell me I was going to have my picture taken. I’m not photo ready.”

It was truly an amazing day. I felt the love of my friends and family, and I also left with some pretty fancy things to take with me on our honeymoon (or, you know, use in daily life—all girls need good panties and bras!).


Never thought I’d be airing my skivvies on the internet”¦

At the end of the evening, once most people had left, a few of us sat around and drank pink sparkly wine and basked in the glow of our friendship. Those nights have been few and far between lately (with me in school/working/wedding planning, Apple Pie in school/working, and general full-time job business from others).


Always love an excuse to sit around in comfy clothes (lent to me by Apple Pie)—drinking wine and enjoying my good hair day

What did you do for your bridal shower? Did you get any honeymoon supplies like I did?


Mrs. Campfire

Seattle, WA
Wedding Date:
September 2013
Classifieds: June 21, 2013
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  1. msbicycle Bee
    msbicycle 718 posts, Busy bee @ 7:20 am

    That looks like so much fun!!

  2. Member
    blonde17jess 1290 posts, Bumble bee @ 8:23 am

    Everything looks gorgeous! I don’t think I’d like getting that much lingerie, but it really looks amazing. AND A S’MORES CAKE?! OMG. Your ladies are uber talented!

    and LOL for Sparky’s “I’m not photo ready” .. he always looks snazzy! but that is 100% something my fiance would say as well, so I get it!

  3. mswaterfall Bee
    Mrs. Waterfall 1403 posts, Bumble bee @ 9:27 am

    A lingerie shower! oooh la la! I didn’t get much lingerie, mostly because I’m very “well endowed” in the chest area and my MOH got very discouraged when trying to find me a nightie that would fit the twins. haha

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