Making the Guest List, Round 1: Getting It All Out There

Or: “Do I Even Know Anyone Who Isn’t on Facebook?”

After my initial muddle through how on earth do I get this party started?! we settled on a guest list. Partially because then you can use that to set a budget.

And realistically I am totally capable of figuring out who we know.

Where to get married? How much it should cost? Pfft—no clue.

Who are our friends? Got it.

I looked for a template, but what I needed to start with was just a list that I could make decisions with. I’m sure there is great stuff out there to put in addresses and meal preferences and whether they’ve replied and all that. All I needed, though, was a way to list everyone who might get invited, categorize them by group (family, church, work, friend) and then start deciding. I kicked it off with my family, which is almost 50 people (?!?) and then moved to friends. I started with the people I can’t imagine getting married without, like my best friend since high school or my college sorority sister. Then I quit.

It’s hard work!

I also was spending forever wondering who I was forgetting—so I switched to Facebook. I looked through my list of Facebook friends and added a few more to the list. I was pretty sure anyone I would invite who isn’t a relative would be on there (hey, my grandpa’s even on there!), but I moved on to my phone just in case. The phone only added three people to my list, and my list is everyone I may/could/possibly invite, so it probably wasn’t a necessary step.

That total? One hundred and fourteen. Totally manageable. Especially since a) we won’t be inviting all of those people and b) all of them won’t come anyhow. Oh, and 10 of those people I wrote “plus-one” next to, because Shamrock feels really strongly about it.

Then I called both of my parents, asking them who they wanted to add and then giving them a deadline (two weeks) for additional people. I don’t need to stick to that, and I actually put in a dummy couple for each of them (my parents are divorced) as a placeholder so there were no surprises.

I felt pretty good about the total, as well as confident that I hadn’t missed anyone. Then last night I talked to my best friend, who I’ve known since high school. He was borrowing his mom’s car and”¦STOP. I forgot my best friend’s mom. She really wants to come, and I would love for her to be there. I’ve been on vacation with their family. So I added her, and two more placeholders, for anyone else I forgot.

What’s next? Coming up with some guidelines and deciding who we’re inviting. Let the games begin!


Mrs. Clover

Wedding Date:
June 2014
Gallery of the Day: December 17, 2013
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  1. msclover Bee
    Mrs. Clover 123 posts, Blushing bee @ 5:45 am

    @Mrs. Waterfall: We were super lucky about that–my dad had a max of four couples he wanted to invite, and my mom made a long list but had no problem cutting it down (all friends from church that have watched me grow up) and Shamrock’s mom was also really reasonable. So that really helped make it not too painful.

  2. Member
    Miss_Mimosa 190 posts, Blushing bee @ 10:13 am

    This was great advice. My grands are all on facebook too, how funny!

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