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Now that our Save the Dates are finally out, I’ve been thinking about the actual ceremony. I’ve been to a ton of weddings and because of that, I have even more of a desire to make ours unique. If this had only been the second or third (or even eighth) wedding I’ve been to, I might not realize how similar they can be. But it’s not. So I know. With the exception of a color scheme and some decorations, weddings can often feel very cookie-cutter. Sure, the feelings you have about the people getting married are different, but the overall structure is pretty much the same. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for tradition. If you are having a super traditional wedding and that fits who you are, that’s completely, 100% awesome. But King Hippo and I aren’t ultra traditional people, so I’m trying to think of small ways to infuse some non-traditional accents into our wedding so that our guests walk away actually remembering their time with us. A wedding “experience” is kind of what I’m going for here.

I’ve read about a Ring Warming Ceremony, and I’m thinking this just might be the element I’m looking for to not only make the ceremony unique, but to incorporate our guests into the day.


I found this description of a Ring Warming Ceremony on The Offbeat Bride:

The concept is simple: Near the beginning of your ceremony, have your officiant let your guests know that your rings will be making their way through the assembled guests, with an invitation for each guest to hold the ring, say a silent prayer/blessing for your marriage, and then pass it to the next guest. Then the officiant can pass out the rings, and continue on with the ceremony until it’s time for you and your partner to present the rings to each other.

Obviously, there are limitations to a ring warming: it wouldn’t work well for super large weddings, and if you’re having a big wedding you may want to have someone watching the progress of the rings and keeping them moving in a timely manner through your guests.

Some people worry about rings getting dropped during the ceremony – if you like, you can affix them to a pillow or book or some other symbolic item for the passing.

I pretty much love this idea. I think it will be new for most (if not all) of our guests, and I especially like the idea of having our friends and family involved in the ceremony instead of just being observers. Logistically, my biggest concern is the timing. We will likely have between 100 and 120 guests, and I have absolutely no idea how long it would take to pass the rings among them. We could split the rings up (my ring passed on one side of the aisle, King Hippo’s passed on the other) in order to speed up the process, but I kind of like the idea of the rings being passed together. Hmmmm…I definitely want to figure this out.

Has anyone done (or seen) a ring warming ceremony at a large wedding? How did it go?


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