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A couple months ago I did not even know what a manzanita branch was. Now I’m OBSESSED with them. I drive down the road and see fallen branches and think, ‘Can I turn that into a manzanita branch centerpiece?’ We all know the answer to that… no. But it does not stop me from really thinking about it. While we are at the park with our dog, Mr. Fro Yo is searching for walking sticks and other things to whip cactus with, and I’m looking for manzanita branches. It’s sad really, but they are so expensive I can’t even begin to think how much it would cost to have an arrangement on every table. And then after the wedding, what am I going to do with 16 manzanita centerpieces? Maybe I can settle and have them on one table? I don’t know, but I must have them somewhere. Look how gorgeous they are:



And another with just some manzanita elements:



I Googled “manzanita centerpiece wedding” and this wonderful tutorial came up with what looked like just three “ingredients”.



Now I’m starting to get brave, except the problem is one of the “ingredients” is plaster, and there aren’t just three steps. This will not be easy. What the heck, why was I born with ZERO crafting ability? I can dream things up, but just can’t execute them. Sigh”¦

Have you attempted your own manzanita branch centerpieces? Do you have any tutorials or tips to share?


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April 2010
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    alisha, Guest @ 10:32 am

    I purchased from Blooms and Branches in a bulk kit (30 for $120 + s&h.) They are the 12-18 size. There is another great site called Nettleton Hollow. I found white modern planters at Michaels (4inches) which fit the size of the branch perfectly. I cut the foam with a knife to be a bit smaller than the inside of the vase. Then you kind of “screw” the branch into the foam. You dont want to just push it down because it will not have any traction then. I filled the inside with river rock to secure everything, but you could use so many different things to do this. Good luck baby!

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    daniellebridgeman 8 posts, Newbee @ 10:39 am


    those are the same places i was looking that. see alla that, i’m going to have my fiance do that! thank you so much! maybe i should start doin like test runs of it.

    thanks girl!

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    Terri, Guest @ 5:50 pm

    I’m looking for some Manzanita Branches for a wedding in June 2011. Does anyone know where I can find them without paying an arm and leg for shipping. I live in Dallas, TX

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    MS. SILVERSTARR, Guest @ 11:42 pm

    I watch David Tutera all the time. He makes it look so easy. One episode the bride had her stuff together. She made a diagram of her manzanita trees and everything. She was amazing and David commented on it. She (sorry I forgot her name) was brilliant. I have to give her a big “you go girl”, because her idea was great and I am not ashamed to say that I’m copying it. I’m in love with manzanita branch design now (this is probably since I dis-like flowers). I just thank all the creative people that I “borrowed” their designs from.

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    Nilsa, Guest @ 5:02 pm

    There is a small decorating business located in Dallas, Tx. This lady rents manzanita trees for about 15.00 each and she changes the decoration according to your colors and design. If you are in the Dallas FT. Worth areas give her a call, her website is

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    Rena, Guest @ 6:57 pm

    I know this is late, but I found 12 manzanita centerpieces on Craigslist from a bride who was selling the centerpieces she used at her wedding. I got them for $150 and they came fully assembled in wooden boxes which I will be spray painting white and affixing a fuchsia ribbon to to match my colors. Now all I have to do is buy the hanging votive holders and LED tealights. I’d suggest looking at classifieds and you might luck out like I did.

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