Fall. Water Fall.

OK, confession time. I was a little obsessed with tuxedo masks in my tween, Sailor Moon, years. Why? Simply put: his tuxedo. You see, even as a pre-teen girl, I valued a man who knew how to dress to impress the ladies.

So it was obvious that my handsome groom would be donning a tuxedo on our big day. While at a bridal expo, Moores, the Canadian equivalent of Men’s Wearhouse, had a booth with a selection of their tuxes. We were particularly impressed with the Black by Vera Wang line. The slim cut really makes a big difference!


Tuxedo: Black by Vera Wang / Image via Moores

We made an appointment at Moores, selected the style of the vest, shirt, and bow tie, gave our guys’ names, and were given a booking code so they could go to get fitted at their leisure.

We weren’t quite sure how to make the groom stand out, but the truth is men’s fashion has very few choices! After considering a few options, like a cobalt blue vest or bow tie, we decided that the traditional tuxedo look was best across the board, and Mr. Waterfall aptly pointed out that if someone doesn’t know who the groom is, they probably shouldn’t be at the wedding. Everyone was really pleased with our selection—except for Brother GM who is extremely particular and kept complaining the entire time that his tux wasn’t tight enough! He actually gave me quite a bit of drama about it the week before the wedding (more on that later), but aside from that, everyone loved their tuxes and looked super duper handsome. 🙂 Seriously, wait until you see the black and white pictures of my handsome men getting ready, y’all!

Here are the boys, modeling their tuxes the day we picked them out:


Brother GM


Mr. Waterfall


Papi Waterfall

I had actually meant to do cobalt blue pocket squares for the groomsmen but ran out of time. 🙁 Oh well, I filed it under: things nobody else will know about or notice, and said “Eff it!” In the end, Mr. Waterfall did have a different boutonniere (a peony bud) than the rest of the groomsmen, and he still stood out because he kept walking next to some chick in a really poufy white dress. 😉

All photos personal unless otherwise specified


Mrs. Waterfall

Wedding Date:
June 2013
The Big Bad "B" Word
Come What May: Boys, Tuxes, and Blue Sambas

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  1. Member
    daniellekira 573 posts, Busy bee @ 1:59 pm

    I love the look of tuxes. They looked amazing.

  2. mswaterfall Bee
    Mrs. Waterfall 1403 posts, Bumble bee @ 3:57 pm

    @Mrs. Palm Tree: @Mrs. Bracelet: @CakeyP: I really liked the way the VW tuxes fit, and the guys really enjoyed them. No complaints!
    @Mrs. Sword: Exactly! People should know who he is 🙂
    @Miss Gondola: @Sapphire-Dreamer: Tuxedo Mask was the hottest cartoon EVER.
    @MrsKeAloha: @daniellekira: You cannot go wrong with a classic tux, so amazing!
    @jessc4343: I dunno, but she’s in all my pictures 🙂

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