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As of two weeks ago, here was my thought on suits for the guys: eh, we will deal with it around two months before the wedding. Well that all changed when Mr. Buck was a groomsman in a wedding last week. While we were at the tux shop getting him fitted I was casually chatting with the lady working there. She mentioned to me that if we order the suits for our wedding by the end of this year, we will ensure this year’s prices and not have to pay when prices go up in January. Say what? That changed everything for me, plus, I am not one to shy away from planning ahead and booking early. Now all of a sudden I have to make a decision on what kind of suit the guys should wear. They have no interest in choosing; if I left it to them this is what they would all show up in:


{Image via Bright Colored Tuxes}

Not going to happen. I have a super powerful title called Bride which means I am allowed to say no to these types of things. We did compromise though, and decided the guys can all wear camouflage socks.

Now, luckily for us, I have seen my fiance in various suits over the years so we kind of have an idea of what each one looks like on him. I now present to you, our 9th through 12th grade prom pictures. Awkward poses in all their glory.



{Photos taken by VIP Photography}

At the wedding that he was recently in, all of the groomsmen wore khaki.


{Personal Photos}

You see we have many options to choose from. Except white—that one is not in the running. We are very torn between black and khaki. The khaki would go well with the outdoor scenery at the wedding, especially since it will be spring. However the black is classic and timeless. How can I choose? I think he looks smashing in all of them. (Gag, I know.)

Will you help me out a little? What is your take on this black vs khaki dilemma? Did you also have a tough time deciding what the guys should wear?


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  1. Member
    futureMFG 21 posts, Newbee @ 10:56 am

    I’m a big fan of black. Like many others have said, it’s timeless!

  2. parasol Bee
    parasol 2955 posts, Sugar bee @ 11:43 am

    I’m going to throw an odd-ball into the mix: go with gray! Haha, as if you need more to think about. But if was perfect for us! Mr. P thought khaki was too casual and black too formal, so gray was perfect for us.

    Also, can I just say that I love all your prom pictures? They are amazing!

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