Nothin’ Suits ‘Em Like a Suit!—Oh, and the Right Shirt!

For the longest time (read: a few months), Mr. Big and I have been searching up and down for shirts for the groom, the best man, and the groomsmen, which fit the following criteria:

  • Came in three colours—white or ivory, blue, and dark blue
  • Has a french cuff/double cuff (i.e., cuffs which you can put cuff links through)
  • Is made of a similar (or even more preferably, the same) fabric and similar (or preferably the same) weave
  • Has no pockets

I made a board of different shirt combinations that may work for the groomsmen, best man, and groom, but Mr. Big hated them all. They either didn’t fit the similar weave/fabric criteria or had patterns (and he hates patterns on shirts for formal wear).

But let me show you some of these combinations, hive!

plain shirts_tmlewin

Plain blue pinpoint shirt for the best man, plain blue indigo poplin shirts for the groomsmen, white shirt for the groom / Shirts via T.M. Lewin

check_shirts-groomsmen, white_shirt-groom

My favourite one! Chequered shirts for the groomsmen and best man, Mr. Big in a white shirt / Shirts via T.M. Lewin

But anyway, I digress.

You’re probably thinking, “What’s with the different coloured shirts?” The answer is simple: the weather.

We’ll be wed in the middle of January 2014, in Australia. That means two things: (1) it is summer and (2) it is hot. From the projections I’ve been seeing on websites like Accu-Weather, this summer looks to be pretty mild (tops of 30 degrees—I’ll take that!), but just in case it decides to be gorramn hot that day, we’ve opted for a no-tie approach to our wedding.

That means the groom, the best man, and the groomsmen won’t be wearing any ties/bow ties/ascots/etc. We’re allowing them free rein (at least, I am—I don’t know about Mr. Big) to accessorise how they please, but we’ve told them that they do not have to wear a tie. I know two groomsmen who are very pleased with the idea.

So that, guys, is the reason we needed different coloured shirts. Often it’s simple to add colour to the groom’s section of the bridal party by adding in ties, bow ties, and/or pocketfolds, but with our no-tie approach and their jackets off for the majority of the day, the “regular” method to add a pop of colour is out.

So shirts was the way to go!

Now, I know one might think “Pft, shirts—easy!”

Well guys, it wasn’t. Finding shirts in three colours with a french cuff was hard. We looked at every possible department and menswear store in Christchurch and in our area of Sydney, and we.found.nothing.

Every shirt we did find that had a french cuff only came in two colours: blue and white. Or three colours: blue, white, and purple. It became sort of a desperate thing for me, and at one point I was totally angry at men’s fashion simply because it was so hard to find these shirts. (Mr. Big thought I was being a lil’ ridiculous—confession: I was.)

Before long, I resigned myself to the fact that I was not meant to worry about this detail of the wedding planning and left it up to Mr. Big. Although, it didn’t stop me from investigating options whenever we were at department stores and whatnot, but I knew that actively searching for it would yield naught. Mr. Big would say to me, “Don’t worry about it. It’ll all work out in the end.”

And you know what, guys?

It did.

One fateful day, Mr. Big got an email from our “friends” (not really) at Our Deal is basically a deals website which gives you discounts on restaurants, holidays, spa treatments, and anything else you can think of. The particular email sent to Mr. Big talked about a website called A-Tailor: for $50, you could receive a fully customised plain shirt.


 The design-your-shirt utility on the website / Image via A-Tailor

A fully.customised.shirt.

We tried not to get too excited over dinner, but once we got back home, it was WEBSITE TIME. Perusing the options on A-Tailor, you can choose every.single.detail you want for your shirt. It’s an extra $10 to have the shirt in a coloured option (like, for example, blue or dark blue), but it still works out MUCH cheaper for us because of the vouchers we bought!

A-Tailor_groomsman shirt

An example of a coloured shirt from A-Tailor. Can you see the monogram? They do MONOGRAMS! / Image via A-Tailor

At Mr. Big’s request, I made a few options of what I liked and sent them through. When I showed Mr. Big, he was quite pleased with my ideas.

So the decision was made. Whereas originally we were going to go for this look:

groomsmen_blue shirts

Best man in a light blue shirt and groomsmen in dark blue shirts, both with french cuffs / Image via A-Tailor

I opted for something like this:

groomsmen_white shirt_blue accents

Best man and groomsmen with white shirts, but blue accent, both with french cuffs / Image via A-Tailor

We finally got the shirts one-by-one last week, and it’s safe to say we’re uber happy with them! We’ve come across a mishap with Mr. Big’s shirt (I sized it wrong, doh!) so we had to buy another one, but hopefully, hopefully it all works out!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the guys wearing their shirts, but you’ll definitely see them on the day.

Overall, I’m so frakking happy that Mr. Big found this website (or, more correctly, that Our Deal sent the website to Mr. Big)!

Who else spent a painstaking amount of time on a detail which resolved itself in the end?


Mrs. Bighorn Sheep

Sydney, NSW, Australia
Wedding Date:
February 2014
Bamboo for Two: The Cake Cutting Part
Gallery of the Day: December 6, 2013

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  1. gondola Bee
    gondola 1046 posts, Bumble bee @ 3:32 pm

    Mr. G didn’t wear a tie at one of the weddings and he looked great! I’m glad you found an accommodating website!

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