Dress Quest: Part 2

So, we arrived at the next store. I was excited because they carried some Ronald Joyce and Victoria Jane gowns that I really wanted to try on: the Savannah and Sabrina.

But first I tried on one of their own line, called Orianna.

Image via bridenformal

Not good. I didn’t like anything about it!!

Next, it was Savannah’s turn! This was my favorite dress before going to the bridal stores.

Image via bodaguia

Sadly, it looked awful on me. I looked shorter and wider, and the one shoulder detail that I loved was huge and overpowering on me. I was sorely disappointed.

Next, I tried on the Sabrina. While it looked better than the Savannah, it wasn’t what I’d expected. I found these dresses to be too thick. They had tons of layers and they made me look wider. I was sad.

Image via bodaguia

I tried on some other dresses that aren’t even worth remembering, and, finally, I tried the Mori Lee 5108. Oh, this one I liked. I looked great in it, and I loved the tulle. I found it to be a bit plain, but nothing I couldn’t fix with a sash. Mori Lee was a strong contender.

Image via Mori Lee

But I kept thinking about the Benice.

We left the store that day, and I swear that all night I had nightmares about not being able to go to the bathroom because of my dress”¦but, I liked it way better than how any of the dresses from the first store fit me.

All Friday morning I kept thinking about that, and browsing more and more dresses. Around 4:00 PM I told my mom: “Let’s go again right now!”

So to the stores we went. I wanted to try on the Benice again, but also another dress that I hadn’t considered previously, Basha.

Image via Essence

And when I tried it on, I knew. That was my dress. I just felt different, I really liked how I looked, and I could move and dance and”¦pee!

And that was it. I had my dress.


Mrs. Weather Vane

June 27
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March 2014
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  1. Member
    bebelicious1 1891 posts, Buzzing bee @ 8:21 am

    Yay! I like that one! You got the shoulder detail with a similar bodice of the Benice.

  2. wellies Bee
    wellies 1425 posts, Bumble bee @ 9:28 am

    Your dress is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see how it looks on you. 🙂

  3. Member
    daniellekira 573 posts, Busy bee @ 10:47 am

    Oh I can’t wait to see the dress on you. It is goregous in the photos.

  4. weathervane Bee
    weathervane 171 posts, Blushing bee @ 12:29 pm

    Thanks @bebelicious1: I really like the one shoulder, plus it will help to keep the dress where it is supposed to 🙂

    @Miss Wellies: @daniellekira: I can’t wait to wear it! Yay! 😀

  5. bighornsheep Bee
    bighornsheep 115 posts, Blushing bee @ 4:15 pm

    “And when I tried it on, I knew. That was my dress. I just felt different, I really liked how I looked, and I could move and dance and…pee!”

    I read that line and cracked up. I do agree though – being able to do one’s business in a wedding dress would be highly beneficial!

    I love your dress! Can’t wait to see you in it 🙂 That one-shoulder detail is gorgeous!

  6. Member
    alysee 1646 posts, Bumble bee @ 4:16 am

    Can’t wait to see the dress on you!

  7. mspony Bee
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 8:22 am

    I love your choice, the shoulder detail is gorgeous!

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