Seven Girls and a Hot Pink Boa

*Some images NSFW.

Oh boy. It’s a sure sign of a good night when the vast majority of the photos of you come out looking like this:


Apparently I struck this pose whenever I was laughing and/or embarrassed.

Last weekend my girlfriends planned one prodigious party. It’s so rare for all of our schedules to line up for a night out, so this was a really precious evening for me to have all of my favorite gals in one place. We started out at Bab’s Underground Lounge where upon my arrival I was crowned with a sparkly headband and bequeathed a hot pink boa. I swear they had magical powers because I immediately felt more sassy and daring! Anyone else love bachelorette props as much as I do?

Anyhoo, within a few minutes I had struck the “holy haberdashery, batman!” pose above, thanks to a little ice breaker surprise from BM Tanya. *Disclaimer: the next photo may not be safe for work. Maybe you could convince your co-workers that it’s a mouse of sorts.

I couldn’t snap a decent photo of these favors with the poor lighting in the bar, so as a dutiful blogger I carefully set one aside to feature in a day-after session.


Well, hello there!

BM Tanya made these bite-sized treats from scratch, and they were adorable. Well, as much as male genitalia can be adorable. The fact that they were chocolate probably had a lot to do with it, and this treat was a fantastic way to get everyone loosened up and laughing right off the bat.


Sister Tartlet’s reaction to seeing what was in the bag

Because I’m extremely timid and nervous when talking to strangers, my friends didn’t plan out a traditional bachelorette scavenger hunt. Instead, they brainstormed various mini games, one of which was to pull underwear out of a bag and guess who it was from. If I got the answer wrong, my “punishment” was to take a drink. Let’s just say I finished off that Flirtini reaaaaaal fast. S’okay, bartender—just hook me up with a Malibu and Pineapple instead!


Purty undies!

After a few drinks we all tried to pile into the photo booth at Bab’s, which ended up as collective trip on the failboat because we couldn’t figure out where the camera was. The sad strip of paper that emerged from the laboring machine (seriously, I thought we had broken it) a few minutes later prominently featured BM Laura’s forearm and my pink boa smushed up against the lens. Shortly thereafter we packed up the show, and the girls escorted me to our next destination: The Cupcake Station!


Delightfully happy!

If there’s one thing I’m dedicated to (other than Weddingbee, of course), it’s food. And taking pictures of said food. If anyone in the area is going the cupcake route for their wedding reception, I highly recommend this place! They have oodles of flavors and were just scrumptious.


“Cream Francaise,” a dark chocolate cake filled and frosted with French buttercream


Left: “Chocolate Cheesecake,” a dark chocolate cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and topped with chocolate shavings

Back: “Fall into Pumpkin,” a pumpkin cake filled with marshmallow, frosted with maple white chocolate cream cheese and then sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar

Front: “PB & C,” a dark chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream, topped with peanut butter cups and chocolate shavings

Because I’m not a big drinker, this was the perfect break to snack on some delectable sweets and recover a bit before heading to our final destination, one of my favorite restaurants in Ann Arbor (and where we almost got married): Vinology. They have this amazing space in the basement called the Bubble Room that we would have chosen for our venue had our guest list been just a tad smaller.


Aruna B. via 100 Layer Cake

Here at Vinology is where I opened the rest of my bachelorette gifts. I thought I had escaped the unconventional offerings until BM Tanya handed me her gift box with her most angelic smile—which immediately tripped off my alarm.


Oooooo, this is a cute box!


ZOUNDS! What’s this?


“Edible male gummy underwear. Great taste! Low carb!”

I just about died when I pulled the edible underwear out of the box. Color me 12 years old, but the sight of any sex paraphernalia sets my thumbs a twiddlin’ and triggers a borderline hysterical, nervous giggle. As a side note, per the suggestions from the Hive about my alcohol-induced sunburn, I took a Pepcid AC 30 minutes prior to the party—and it worked! Although I still felt warm, I never turned red beyond having rosy cheeks, didn’t experience any nausea, and was able to enjoy the entire evening! Hooray for all your fab recommendations! Once the clock struck midnight, it was time for this bachelorette to turn in her pink boa for a pair of PJs. Everyone had to rest up for the bridal shower the following day!


One of my favorite photos, ever.

Thanks, ladies, for a hilarious, memorable night and the best bachelorette a gal could ask for! What sort of mischief did you get into on your night out? Do you walk on the wild or tame side of the bachelorette party street?


Mrs. Tartlet

Rochester, MI
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May 2011
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  1. Member
    Paper Rose 251 posts, Helper bee @ 5:24 pm

    Yay for fun times! And yay for A2! I’m still a waiting bee, but SO and I are pretty sure that’s the city for our wedding. 🙂

  2. painauchocolat Bee
    painauchocolat 2298 posts, Buzzing bee @ 5:55 pm

    That looks like an absolute blast to me. Cupcakes, alcohol, an underwear guessing game and a little naughty stuff for giggles. Your girls planned a great night out. And I noticed no flushed cheeks — so glad the hive’s suggestions helped. 😀

  3. msgiraffe Bee
    msgiraffe 4248 posts, Honey bee @ 8:58 pm

    This looks sooooooo fun! Love it!

  4. biscuit Bee
    biscuit 627 posts, Busy bee @ 9:07 pm

    Hahaha. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. Member
    SummerCamp 220 posts, Helper bee @ 4:07 pm

    LOVE the Ann Arbor bachelorette. Could not have planned a better agenda myself. Babs, Cupcake Station and Vinology? YUM.

  6. tartlet Bee
    tartlet 3227 posts, Sugar bee @ 11:51 pm

    @xtatic1: It was hilarious; I think some girls purposefully tried to buy underwear to throw me off on my guesses. 😉
    @Aleigh416: Yep, I’m pretty sure I was red from blushing 75% of the evening! I’ll put together a list of questions/games we played and PM you soon!
    @Paper Rose: A2 is an AMAZING place for weddings!
    @Miss Pain au Chocolat: Hee! It was seriously a liberating evening when the Pepcid AC worked (for my sister, too)!
    @Miss Giraffe, @Miss Biscuit: Thanks, ladies!
    @SummerCamp: It was a seriously delicious night out. Love your profile pic. 😉 Go Blue!

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