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Since we plan on having a pretty formal wedding (in terms of attire, but not in behavior!) I wanted something as casual and low maintenance as possible for our rehearsal dinner. Side note: we’re actually calling this a “Welcome Dinner” since everyone’s invited—oooh the joys of a destination wedding!

Mr. M and I searched high and low prior to our second wedding-planning trip to Montreal back in July—we needed a venue capable of hosting at least 100 people that had inexpensive food and beverage options. It was actually quite difficult to find a place that met this criteria, so when I finally came across a large micro-brewery in Old Montreal (which is only four blocks from the hotel where we’re getting married—huge bonus points there), I reallly hoped it would work out.

The bar is called Les 3 Brasseurs (or The 3 Brewers, in English) and is deceptively larger on the inside than it looks from outside. When we met with the event director there, we learned that it was actually large enough to host over 400 people! Large venue? Check. The place is SUPER cool on the inside—they brew their own beers, so the huge brew tanks are visible all throughout the interior.


The bar’s exterior / Image via / Photo by afagen


Huge brew tanks / Image via


The upstairs bar / Image via

There’s a perfect space available for a group of 100 in a section of the bar upstairs, so it’ll be nice to have our own space within the huge bar. We also discussed menu options with the event director, and while initially we were looking into buffet options, we realized it would cost WAY more to feed everyone than we were comfortable spending. So I asked if we could instead order a bunch of items a la carte and just order tons of appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages that would be enough for our group. In doing so, the overall budget was lower than we anticipated (which made us very happy!). We also opted for a cash bar—we’ll be feeding people a fancy meal with a nine-hour open bar for the reception the next day, so we figured people can buy their own booze for this event.

For the menu, we’ve decided on a mix of flamms (which are like super thin-crust pizzas), poutine (fries covered in cheese and gravy, a Quebec staple), chicken wings, a few veggie plates, and salads. Also, we can order more food as the night goes on in case we run out.

Another bonus to hosting the welcome dinner here is that Mr. M is quite the lover of beer. (After all, he is from Wisconsin.) This will appeal to MANY of our guests who are also beer “connoisseurs.” While I am NOT a fan of beer, they have an awesome hard cider that was delicious and of course tons of wine. A win-win overall!

How many people will you have at your rehearsal (or welcome) dinner? Are you opting for a more casual event?


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May 2013
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    Erin, Guest @ 5:45 am

    Hi there ! I am so happy I found your blogs ! I am from Chicago my fiancé is from quebec and we are having our wedding in old port montreal as well !! I would love to pick your brain on pros and cons and if there are things you would recommend or so differently! Please message me if you have time , I would love some input 🙂 I’m planning from Chicago , so planning from afar as well !

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Annie, Guest @ 10:24 am

    @Erin you should check out Mrs. Waterfall’s posts as well! She had such a gorgeous wedding in Old Montreal!

  3. msmongoose Bee
    msmongoose 264 posts, Helper bee @ 9:55 am

    Erin hi there, glad my blogs have been helpful! Do you want to send me a PM with all of your questions?

  4. Member
    vanda290717 1 posts, Wannabee @ 1:58 pm

    Hi! I’m getting married at Nelligan next year and would love to pick your brain if you are still on this blog at all! We are having both ceremony and reception there. I live in NYC but am from Montreal so it is hard to do this from far! Thanks so much if you see this!

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