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When thinking about whether to do the formal portraits inside or outside, I decided to go with inside because it was so much easier logistically. It was only a few steps from the cocktail hour area compared to walking back around the Lodge to the ceremony area.

Family portraits were a high priority on our list. It’s a rare occasion to have all these people gathered in one location. Being included in portrait shots will make family members feel appreciated, in particular if they traveled from afar.

Our photographer, Amy, sent us a photography questionnaire a few weeks before the wedding, which included a list of requested shots. We wrote down every conceivable combination of family members and also non members (such as nice photos of my bridesmaids with their boyfriends) that we wanted to have photographed. We also let our guests know ahead of time on our homepage that we would be taking family photos during the cocktail hour. Our photo planning was very similar to Mrs. Bacon’s photo tips.


Mr. Bracelet’s extended family


My extended family


With our parents and siblings


My family


Mr. Bracelet’s family


Our little helpers


All my friends from Germany who made the trip—Thank you so much!


My host-mother and oldest friend from Japan—Thank you for coming!

Everyone who wasn’t part of the formal portraits or who was done with photos got to enjoy the cocktail hour. We had mini quiches, fresh fruit, and salmon mousse canapes.


Although I didn’t formally partake in the cocktail hour, my maid of honor R sat me down and insisted that I eat something in between family photos. Maid-of-honoring at its finest. 🙂


See our pretty cocktail napkin!?

{guest photo}

We played a selection of Vitamin String Quartet songs during our cocktail hour/family photos. They’re a group that covers pop & rock music on string instruments. Prior to wedding planning I had never heard of them, but they’re perfect for social gatherings! VSQ has covered an amazing range of artists, so we were lucky that many of our favorite songs were available as string versions. This is by no means a complete list, but some of our highlights included:


Our server Ben did an excellent job of taking caring of us.

{guest photo}

How are you handling the logistics of family photos and cocktail hour?

P.S: Nobody from Germany had heard of VSQ before. Some of my friends were very impressed with Nirvana on strings. 😉

All photos by Legacy Photo + Design unless otherwise noted.


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  1. airplane Bee
    Mrs. Airplane 395 posts, Helper bee @ 10:34 am

    We’re planning a Vitamin String Quartet medely for our cocktail hour as well — good choice! 🙂

  2. Member
    reesie2013 82 posts, Worker bee @ 5:58 am

    VSQ sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing. Where on earth did you get the cute little pine cone holders for labeling the Fresh Fruit Tray!? We are having a bunch of pine cones at our event and those would be perfect!

  3. bracelet Bee
    Mrs. Bracelet 279 posts, Helper bee @ 7:07 am

    @reesie2013: Sadly, those pine cone holders were provided by our venue. However, they do look very DIY-able. You can buy mini pine cones online.

  4. mswaterfall Bee
    Mrs. Waterfall 1403 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:46 am

    Your brother? is so tall!

  5. mspalmtree Bee
    Mrs. Palm Tree 1122 posts, Bumble bee @ 4:45 pm

    We used VSQ for our ceremony and cocktail hour as well – I had also not heard of them pre-Bee days, but I am SO glad that I found them. So perfect!

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