Moving, Schmooving

Raise your hand if you really, really dislike moving! (My hand is raised high in the air.)

Two weeks before the wedding, Mr. Wallaby and I were busy as bees (teehee) lugging all of my belongings from my apartment to my car, driving the 15-minute distance between my apartment and his bachelor pad house, and combining our possessions in our new shared home. (OK, confession time: my possessions consist mostly of clothes, books, college textbooks, way too many cosmetics, and the last three years’ issues of The New Yorker.)

My trusty Subaru has been through four moves (not including my move from Seattle to Houston, which was covered by my company’s relocation package). Every year of college my best friends and I rented a different house off campus; at some point during the year, we would discover something pretty bad about the house (e.g., mold problems, super-creepy neighbors, loud frat next door) and we’d scout out a new rental house when the lease was up. And so every summer we would bribe our strongest male friends with pizza, and with their help we’d move all of our stuff from one house to the next.

When I met Mr. Wallaby, I was living in a two-bedroom apartment with an old friend I had interned with. Mr. W helped me move yet again to a new (cheaper) apartment a year ago, and I’ve spent the last year rooming with Bridesmaid C, one of my BFFs from high school. In October, I moved for the final time as a single girl. Mr. W is a lucky guy to inherit all of this stuff:


Personal photo

It’s been a little nostalgic for me. I’m going to miss coming home, changing into a pair of worn-out yoga pants, turning on reruns of Sex and the City, and eating ice cream out of the container. I’m going to miss being the sole decision-maker when it comes to decorating (Mr. Wallaby now has the power to veto my zebra-striped shower curtain and my vintage Paris travel posters). And I will for sure miss this cozy little apartment that I share with Bridesmaid C:



Our cozy little apartment / Personal photos

But I was also very, very excited to move in with Mr. W. I couldn’t wait to fall asleep next to my best friend every night. Since we’re now sharing a home, we can finally get a dog together! (Dog lovers, stay tuned for a Wallaby Family furbaby coming soon!) And I am definitely ready to begin nesting. I’m sure we’ll have some adjustments to make, but I am so happy we moved in together and got to start our new life as newlyweds.

How was your adjustment to living with your significant other? What changed the most when you moved in together?


Mrs. Wallaby

Wedding Date:
November 2012
Two Wheels Become One: Going to the Chapel
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  1. Hostess
    Gemstone 22124 posts, Honey Beekeeper @ 10:30 am

    We didn’t move in together till we were married, so while there were adjustments, it was mostly what you mentioned — not being able to come home and just do girly things without any other thoughts. AND the decorating thing, too. 🙂 Overall, though, the joys of living together far outweigh the nostalgia I feel about my “single” days!

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