Mrs. Eggplant’s Mistakes, Part II: Addressing Open Vendor Issues

Weddings have many moving pieces. With all the contracts, details, and communication, there is a high chance for something to go wrong. Mr. Eggplant and I were incredibly selective with our vendors, choosing only the ones we knew would provide superior customer service. I made a point to confirm our vendor contracts in the week before the wedding.

Even so, some things simply fell through the cracks. Perhaps my error was confirming everything via email, where communication mistakes easily occur. During the wedding, I definitely let go of all the mishaps. But once we returned from our honeymoon, we began addressing the open issues.

With one vendor, we did not receive many of the items that were paid for in our contract. The company was (and still is) extremely reputable, receiving only the highest praise from people that have worked with them in the past. I enjoyed communicating with them during the planning process because they were always responsive and professional. I believe that our case was a one-off situation and might even recommend this vendor to others, pending resolution of our open issues. Reputable service-oriented companies will usually be more than willing to address any problems that a customer has with their products or services. Hopefully this will be the case with us!

I thought it might be helpful to anyone else dealing with post-wedding vendor issues to share an example of the letter that Mr. Eggplant sent to our vendor (yes, I make him do all the dirty work smiley1079). Mr. Eggplant always aims to create a win-win situation for everyone, so the tone of his letter was fairly friendly even though he was addressing some things that were not fulfilled from our contract:

Hi [Vendor Name],

I hope things are going well over there. I heard you are now parents from Mrs. Eggplant. Congratulations!

I just wanted to follow up on the voicemail I left. We are back from our honeymoon and we’re now trying to address some open issues. I mentioned some in the vmail, but I do want to say that our event looked good; the _____ was great and people really enjoyed the _____.

However, and hard as it is to say, there were quite a few issues that we wanted to make sure are addressed (all issues are based off of our 10/11 contract and email correspondence):

  1. The most important issue is the missing _____. A picture of what I am addressing is attached. We received the _____, however the contract notes we ordered three and we only received two,. We had told our [other vendor] to forgo the _____, expecting that you would supply it, since it was included as part of the contract. Because this didn’t happen, we missed the opportunity to _____, something we expected and paid for in the package. I spoke to, [vendor representative], on our wedding day and he admitted that it was on the list but forgotten. His client service was also lacking, but I’ll go into that later.
  2. The head table was missing a _____. We noticed this during the event right away, but we couldn’t address it because a consultant was not around. However, we do have many pictures that also show the lack of _____. Attached are some examples. Fortunately, we were too busy to notice much, however this was in our contract and we were charged for it.
  3. At least four additional _____ were also missing. I talked to [vendor representative] about this when he came back to pick up the supplies. He said the explanation was because the tables were moved. I asked the reception coordinators and they said this was not the case. Also, I was in the ballroom while everyone was setting up and I finalized the floorplan with the coordinators right before I left (2:30pm). There shouldn’t have been a reason to move the tables, which had already been arranged by noon.
  4. I know this was expressed verbally, but I had it in my 9/28 notes that we ordered the following: [web link to vendor site]. We chose to go with you to get the nice _____ because the free ones that the hotel provided were not-so-beautiful-looking. smiley1079 However, the ones that were brought in by your team were, indeed, the same ones that the hotel provided. We had the opportunity to get these from the hotel for free.
  5. Service – We absolutely know, without a doubt, that you did not intend for these issues to happen. We loved and chose your company for a reason: We were very, very picky with our vendors because we want to have a worry-free wedding day. Also, given your big life events and running a business, we understand that family should always come first, which is why we understand that sending a representative for a small, intimate wedding is okay. However, we were under the impression from our meetings and correspondence, that you, or someone with more experience, would be at our event. I wouldn’t say that the persons did not do their job, but their service and professionalism was lacking. I try to be very fair, but given that we worked with so many vendors, this may have been the most disappointing. I also do not want [vendor representative], or that day’s team, to feel like they failed or are completely at fault. It seemed like [vendor representative] was uncomfortable talking to me, the groom, and wasn’t ready to answer the questions I had, which meant he probably wasn’t prepared. He may have been put on the project last-minute, so I do empathize with his situation and give him the benefit of the doubt. He has much room to grow and improve upon if he wants a more client-facing role.

We want to recommend all of our vendors with an open conscience and positive attitude. We’re big fans of positive and constructive feedback and are heavily involved in the online review community. That said, we just want to make sure this was a one-time situation. Mrs. Eggplant and I both loved working with you in the planning stages; you accommodated our schedule and budget extremely well. But when it came to our event, a lot of the expectations from the contract did not get fulfilled and we somehow still feel like we were misled.

Overall, our wedding was fantastic. We’re still on the wedding high and reflect every night about how beautiful and loving everything felt. Only Mrs. Eggpant, several of our friends big on photography, and I noticed the mistakes, including the missing _____. I have to say, the _____, at the very least, was superb. Our photographers gave us some preliminary pictures which really made that day seem even more awesome.

So, I don’t want you to think it had a tremendously negative effect on our wedding. We just felt it could’ve been better and that we should be compensated for the services we paid for. I’m not sure how to reconcile this issue, since any future credit to your company wouldn’t be relevant (we won’t get married again).

I would love to hear from you personally, preferably by phone. I want to resolve this issue soon, so as not to prolong this for either of us.

Please give me a call by next week, if possible.

Mr. Eggplant

I’ll be sure to let you know how everything turns out! smiley1079


Mrs. Eggplant

San Francisco
Wedding Date:
October 2007
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    D, Guest @ 6:42 pm

    we had to write letters and “haggle” after the wedding as well – which is ridiculous since we paid so much money beforehand!! my VERY UNprofessional wedding planner (who didnt’ even show up to the wedding) had the audacity to email me 2 months after the wedding to demand that i pay for picture frames she claimed i stole (completly untrue – they were used for table numbers and her own staff misplaced them)

    so disgusting!!!

    is there a way we can report these people to the BBB? or is there anyone else we can reprot this to?!

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Crystal, Guest @ 4:05 pm

    Thank you for posting this. I am almost a year into my marriage and I have been having difficulties contacting one of my vendors post-wedding. The most important vendor needed…Photographer…Thank you for this letter, I am going to fine tune it to my particular needs.

  3. Member
    gemini22 262 posts, Helper bee @ 12:02 pm

    few years late, but great letter!

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