My Friend Said I Have Problems.

He knows I’m crazy, but he really didn’t expect me to use the full extent of that lack of reasonable thought towards the wedding… but when I asked him his opinion on box tops, he finally knew that I had lost it.

When Mr. GB and I had first discussed invitations, we didn’t think too much about what was going to go on around it, or on it really. Once we booked Good On Paper to do our letterpressing designs, I thought “oh, this will be simple”. Then I remember that I’m entirely unsatisfied with anything that is easy and live to make my life as difficult as possible. This is partially in an effort to coerce pity-back rubs out of Mr. GB, but also some kind of involuntary desire to make my brain twitch with agony.

This is how I came to want box invitations. I saw these two inspirations images online, and I had to have it.


by Jordan Ferney

And so Mr. GB and I went in search of candy and medication for me. We settled on some round watermelon sours that didn’t look melty – some of these are going to Japan and Korea, so they’re going to need to last. We cut acetate squares to put between the candy and the invitations themselves for the ones we’re sending. Err… saving on postage by hand delivering to those who are local.

But I couldn’t possibly be happy with plain box tops, could I? That little vein in my temple was beating and pulsing and I had to do yet another stupid DIY project despite the amount of cursing that would ensue.


We goccoed the box tops with two designs because I’m indecisive, tied them with that oh so adorable martha stewart craft baker’s twine, and put on our tags. -close up-

I would have photos of all this happening, but a mosquito bit my ass, an unknown deviant bit my nose, I burned my forehead with a curling iron, and I have some weird allergic.. scratch thing on my eyebrow. I look like someone came and beat me with the ugly stick in the face, so I haven’t left the house out of fear of a mob pitchforking me back to the tower a la Quasimodo. How I miss when humanity didn’t think I was hideous.


Mrs. Gummi Bear

San Francisco
Wedding Date:
October 2007
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    Weddingbee » Blog Archive » Invitation Dry Run, Guest @ 12:23 pm

    […] with Conversation Hearts candy, tied them with twine, and shipped them off. The whole thing is a complete ripoff of Mrs. Gummibear’s invitations. And guess what? My invitations will be too. I laugh in the face of […]

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    Metea, Guest @ 1:09 am

    Love it!!! I am been in search of these boxes Forever!!! I almost gave up!!! Thank you!!! You have taken me out of my invitation slump!!! 🙂

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