I just started a management unit in graduate school on negotiations, and during the entire lecture and discussion on car prices and prom dates, I couldn’t stop thinking about flower prices! “What is my real bargaining zone on prices? What other information could I gather to make my negotiations better? What are my real alternatives if I don’t decide to go with my favorite florist?” (Have I shared the fact that I’m dodging voicemails from my florist until I answer my unsettled questions?? I can’t do this for too much longer!!!)

I suddenly realized how many people are completely unaware about the importance of negotiations prior to a wedding. For some, it’s like their first time at a flea market and they are forced to learn, accept and purchase goods according to the vendor’s terms. For others, it’s old hat, and they simply readjust their skills to fit the new market for goods and go merrily on their way. Just like buying a used car, for some the experience is pleasant and enjoyable while others dread it like the plague.

I’ll hopefully be able to draft up some basic negotiation tips (esp. those that apply to the wedding biz) in the next few weeks, but I’ll need your help bees! What scares you about negotiations and in what particular vendor areas???


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    ms. mouse, Guest @ 11:36 pm

    I think it doesn’t hurt to ask for discounts. Sometimes saying, “your package looks great, but we don’t need x” canlead to a great coversation about why you should then pay “b” not “a”, that’s where we’ve found most of our discounts. Also, saying we can only afford “b” and we want to maximize what we get- what can you offer- sometimes backfires, but sometimes you get “I can give you amazing [whatever] for that.”

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    Katya, Guest @ 2:07 pm

    that’s funny, i just took negotiations in grad school as well and wrote my final on wedding planning :))

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