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Today’s post is significantly less involved than my local reviews, but including our “other” vendors seemed like it might be helpful to brides as well. Really there’s only one “out of town” vendor and the rest are just online stores, but I would still recommend any of these to you if you’re on the hunt for a good store to purchase from.

Engagement Photos – Concept Photography


Photo by Concept Photography

Traveling to Florida to take our engagement pictures at Disney World is still hands down one of my favorite wedding decisions. Working with Sara and Jason was just a ton of fun, and I absolutely love the photos we received. I still follow Concept Photography on Facebook, and I’m consistently blown away by every single picture they post. They’re located in Florida but travel all over, so if you like their style, I would highly recommend getting in touch!

Sparklers – Wedding Sparklers USA


Photo by Eau Claire Photographics

If you want great sparkler pics at the end of the night, you’ve got to get the right kind of sparklers. The showtime ones from Wedding Sparklers USA were smokeless, which made for clearer pictures, and they had a long burn time.  They’re not the cheapest you can find, but they’re good quality and you won’t need to worry about anyone needing multiple sparklers, so you can purchase less.

Cake Topper – Silhouette Weddings


Photo by Eau Claire Photographics

This was a random discovery from browsing Etsy, and I love the result! I’ve never seen anything like it! The hardest part was taking the picture that they could use, but the page has plenty of instructions on how to get a useful photo. Besides that, the seller was really easy to work with, and didn’t take that long to get our topper back to us. Great experience overall!

Robes – Silk and More


Photo by Eau Claire Photographics

I know there’s like a million sellers on Etsy who have these bridesmaids’ robes, but I decided on Silk and More and would highly recommend her. The process might be a little bit different now, based on her current item descriptions, but I found it really easy to use her ordering form through email to give details on exactly what size, color, length, and sleeve length I wanted for each individual robe, and everything came in exactly as I ordered. I’ve mentioned it a time or two, but the girls loved having the robes to get ready, and they were really soft and comfy.

Hangers – Two Broads Design


Photo by Eau Claire Photographics

There are also approximately one million sellers on Etsy for personalized hangers—I ended up choosing Two Broads Design because they offered flowers instead of bows (MOH Curls has hated bows since she was a little girl, so I steered clear of those), and they could get them to me really quickly because I waited till last minute to order them. I ended up with all the hangers in time for the wedding, but there was a little issue. When I received them in the mail, BM Dino’s was missing from my order. They were great about responding, and agreed to send me one ASAP, but they didn’t have the same color flower available as I used on the other ones. So they sent me a darker pink flower, and I swapped it onto Curl’s hanger so that it would make sense for the MOH to have a different one. Seriously, not a big deal at all, but it just added a little bit of stress to a situation that was under a time crunch.

Garter – Garter Queen


Photo by Eau Claire Photographics

The designs by Garter Queen are so pretty, and I love how my garter looked. I requested the little tiara from another listing to be paired with this set, and Garter Queen was able to do that for me without a problem. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to wear it all day (not really a big concern of mine, though), because it was so heavy that it slipped down my leg. They do have options when ordering to list your thigh size, but apparently I didn’t measure mine right. So not a criticism on the seller, but just a bit of advice on this type of bejeweled garter—you might want to size down so it’ll fit tighter! Besides that, the garter felt really nice and high quality, and it looked pretty in the pictures.


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  1. walrus Bee
    Mrs. Walrus 187 posts, Blushing bee @ 8:54 am

    It’s so difficult to find sellers on Etsy since so many of them sell the same thing, so I’m sure it’s a lot of people that will appreciate your reviews! and BTW you make me want to go to FL to use that photographer. Your engagement pictures are so beautiful!!

  2. msnarwhalbee Bee
    Mrs. Narwhal 87 posts, Worker bee @ 11:32 am

    I love your robes!! I am having such a hard time deciding what to do for our getting ready time, since we aren’t actually having our photographers there for the getting ready photos. I still want to take photos during the day, but I think being in robes at 3pm will be a little weird. So I need to come up with something that works for a (hopefully) hot August day that works for the middle of the afternoon.

    It’s always nice to hear back on Etsy shops because there are SO many. Also, what @walrus said. Your engagement photos are so beautiful, and fun!

  3. tractor Bee
    Mrs. Tractor 32 posts, Newbee @ 8:59 am

    I love that cake topper!! I must’ve missed it in your recaps – it is so sweet! Did you save it after the wedding? I think it would look nice framed as well.

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