Made in the Shade: Happy New Year!

You can’t get married on New Year’s Eve and not have a big countdown at midnight!

Once the goody table was set up, our guests snatched up beads, hats and blowers, and the anticipation in the room started to build. I put on the beautiful mask I purchased just for this moment, and glasses of champagne and strawberries were passed around.



Getting help with my mask.


The DJ asked everyone to get ready and we all started cheering. 10, 9 , 8 , 7 , 6 . . .


. . . 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 . . .




Ringing in the new year as husband and wife, surrounded by all the people we love, was one of the coolest experiences of our lives. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top a new year like that!

But the party didn’t end there! Up Next: Party Like it’s 2012!

Have you ever been to a holiday wedding or one on New Year’s Eve?

All images by: Stephen Martin Photography


Mrs. Sunhat

Dyer, IN
Wedding Date:
December 2011
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  1. msdragon Bee
    Mrs. Dragon 814 posts, Busy bee @ 6:28 am

    That is so cool! I’ve always wanted to go to a New Year’s Eve wedding. And I love the photo with everyone kissing in the background. 🙂

  2. trailmix Bee
    trailmix 6663 posts, Bee Keeper @ 6:59 am

    This looks so fun, I’d looooove to go to a NYE wedding!

  3. scepter Bee
    scepter 333 posts, Helper bee @ 7:48 am

    This looks like so much fun! Love the last photo where everyone is ringing in the New Year with a kiss.

  4. mstoadstool Bee
    mstoadstool 2485 posts, Buzzing bee @ 8:33 am

    How cool to say “Hey! we’ve been married since last year”.
    I love your mask.

  5. mswallaby Bee
    mswallaby 2070 posts, Buzzing bee @ 10:05 am

    How fun!!! I love NYE parties, I can’t imagine how fun a NYE celebration at a wedding must be!

  6. Member
    bridesmomma 482 posts, Helper bee @ 11:07 am

    I think New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to have a wedding! Your mask is perfect! 🙂

  7. sunhat Bee
    sunhat 1453 posts, Bumble bee @ 12:22 pm

    @Miss Toadstool: I know! I sometimes forget if I got married in 2011 or 2012! How sad is that?! ha ha

  8. mspony Bee
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 1:15 pm

    I love these photos, what a perfect New Years moment!

  9. painauchocolat Bee
    painauchocolat 2298 posts, Buzzing bee @ 9:44 pm

    What a great time! Everyone loves ringing in the New Year so that plus a wedding = awesome! One of the most fun weddings we’ve been to was a New Years wedding!!

  10. Member
    Mrs. Rubber Stamps 821 posts, Busy bee @ 5:41 pm

    I can imagine that had to feel so cool! Love the last two pics! I bet the energy among the crowd was so exciting!

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