Well, It’s About Time…

Hey there, hive. It’s certainly been a while since I dropped in. In fact, it’s been so long that I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a single reader who actually remembered me or my wedding.

Why is that? Because believe it or not, over the weekend, Mr. Corn and I celebrated our five-year anniversary. Yup…way back in 2007, before photo booths, cupcake towers, and heavily customized themes were even a trend; back when there’d only been five generations of bees; before the WB boards were ever in existence (!)…I planned my DIY heavy, Coastal New England wedding on the water at a historic fort complete with winery rehearsal party, Revolutionary War reenactors, gale-force wind, an authentic Revere Cannon salute, and a traditional clambake reception with LOBSTAH!!


Since our 09-08-07 wedding, we welcomed our little “kernel,” Garrison, on 07-08-09…


…who’s now a very grown up three-year-old who just started pre-school!!


Then, last fall, we added another addition to the cob, Clarinda, on 10-27-11. We call her Ladybug…


…and already she’s a fast-moving 10-month-old!!


And while I’ve contributed many things to the hive since our 09-08-07 wedding—including a retrospective on what I was glad we did and what I wished we had done better for the big day—and participated in several of the ongoing series, including The Randomizer, The Best of Weddingbee, and The Secret Lives of Bees, one thing I’ve never done is officially say goodbye.

So as I look around at my life and realize the insane impact Weddingbee has had on me, from being fired for blogging to being part of an amazing community that picked me up by my bootstraps and continues to support me today, I realize that I’ll never truly leave this place. But I am signing off as a regular contributor (yes, I’m aware that’s a moot point since I haven’t actually contributed a post in nine months). But in any case, it is time to say goodbye.

So to that end, I would love to encourage you to check out my personal blog, Other Pieces of Me, where I write about those two cuties above as well as share other fun anecdotes about our lives, and occasionally I even give away stuff. Additionally, you can find me on the internet as a writer for FLOR’s design blog, Musings. And lastly, you can always find me getting creative on my business blog for my custom invitation and announcement business, LimoncelloSTYLE.

It has been a great ride, hive. Thanks so much for always bee-ing there for me.

Much love to all,

Miriam, AKA Mrs. Corn


Mrs. Corn

Newport, RI
Wedding Date:
September 2016
We Start Today: All Shook Up
How Wonderful Life Is: The Big Day
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  1. msfairy Bee
    msfairy 976 posts, Busy bee @ 6:59 am

    Such cute little ones!!

  2. Member
    njmeetsbx 1668 posts, Bumble bee @ 7:21 am

    This was so nice to read. As a long time bee reader I often wonder what the older bees are up to! Thanks for the update and congrats on your family!!

  3. Member
    stephk527 987 posts, Busy bee @ 11:11 am

    Thank you for popping (get it? popcorn? a stretch, maybe. . ) in to say goodbye and give us an update. I love your little kernels and am so happy that you are able to celebrate your five year anniversary. Congrats!

  4. Member
    tea 2414 posts, Buzzing bee @ 8:10 pm

    Oh yay Corn! I remember you! So happy to see you here again and look at the kernals. Ahhh! Garrison is so big! Thanks for stopping by again 🙂

  5. funnelcake Bee
    funnelcake 1171 posts, Bumble bee @ 4:44 am

    Aww, farewell, but not goodbye. The hive is a good place to stick around, isn’t it? 🙂

  6. cloud Bee
    cloud 800 posts, Busy bee @ 6:13 pm

    now you know I don’t get on here and post for just anyone.. love you friend! you brought a little tear to my eye 🙂 we should have wine soon to celebrate. xo!

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