Open Question – Dancing In Church?

I would like to plan a traditional church wedding with a reception following in the fellowship hall. In my head, I would love to have music and dancing. (Nothing that would be unappropriate at the church of course.) However, I have had people comment to me that you should NEVER have music or dancing at the church, even in the fellowship hall for a reception. I wanted to know what others thought about doing this. Did you have music and dancing at your church wedding. It’s a Christian church not belonging to any denomination.

– Amanda


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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    Steven, Guest @ 1:39 am

    There are many churches that don’t allow dancing, but if it is a non-denominational church they may be mare relaxed on the issue. I know that my church denomination no longer forbids it for it’s members, but it is not allowed at all in the church. Thank you for the information.

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Jenna, Guest @ 12:53 am

    I agree that you should ask the church what their policy on dancing is. my church is a traditional korean church and we’ve had dancing AND karaoke during weddings in our fellowship hall. Thank you for the idea.

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    Christie, Guest @ 12:17 am

    There are many churches that don’t allow dancing. It definitely depends on the church and their doctrine of belief.

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    Tree, Guest @ 9:08 pm

    Dancing now a days is very provocative (to those who don’t understand why some churches don’t allow dancing at the church). Dancing in the bible days were done where men danced together as a celebration and woman too (unless they were the temple prostitues the dances were more sexual in Now a days there’s a lot of grinding on each other; sexual moves, indecent exposure. People shouldn’t be dancing in the church like this or any where else (Unless you are entertaining your spouse). That’s my opinion

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