A Caveman Wedding? Or Me Babbling About Food Choices

At the beginning of the year, Mr. Rucksuck and I committed to living a Paleo lifestyle. It’s been over seven months now and we could not be happier with our diets, waistlines, and the way our insides feel.

Our road to Paleo was pretty long and even included a trip down a vegetarian lane that left us several pounds heavier and feeling generally yucky. After realizing we’d each gained quite a bit of weight in our year and a half together (foodies and winos in love is a bad weight-loss combination), Mr. Rucksack joined a local Crossfit gym in December. The Paleo diet came along shortly thereafter, and I jumped on the bandwagon too.

Sometimes vaguely called the caveman diet, we can really only eat meat, fruits, veggies, and nuts. Nothing processed, no dairy, no gluten, no soy. Basically, if I can’t hunt it or forage for it, I can’t eat it. (This is obviously super oversimplified, but if you’re interested in learning more I’d suggest checking out Robb Wolf‘s site and Everyday Paleo to start.)


Image via Hunger Games DWTC Fansite

I think it’s fitting that I read the Hunger Games trilogy during my first few days being Paleo, even if I don’t really hunt my own food.

Mr. Rucksack and I both stand firm in wanting to remain Paleo—like forever. For as long as I can remember I’ve had random unknown food allergies that left me with hives and stomach problems that have all disappeared since starting Paleo. I’ve learned that I have a soy allergy (and you’d be surprised how many processed foods contain soy) and that my stomach doesn’t particularly care for gluten. In addition to no more allergic reactions, I’m down 10 pounds so I know I’m doing something right!

Since we’re loving this whole Paleo thing, and I refuse to touch gluten and soy ever again, it kind of makes sense to have a Paleo menu for our wedding too. Don’t worry, we’re not doing some sort of Flintstones dinner.


Image via Yedies

When we started to think more about our menu options, what really jumped out at us was a grilled menu. And since we’re getting married on the beach, what’s better than a clam bake?


Hey, Mrs. Corn! I stalked Mrs. Corn’s wedding so hard back in ’07! / Photo by Kate Whitney Lucey

Lobster, steak, chicken, and vegetables? Now that is a Paleo menu all of our guests can be excited about!

Mark and Stephanie, our caterers from Forks & Fingers, have been so accommodating to our needs. Mark’s kids actually have Celiac Disease so he’s a pro at gluten-free menus. That definitely put our minds at ease since we know we have someone who really understands our dietary constraints.

Do you have dietary issues you’re keeping in mind during wedding planning?


Mrs. Rucksack

May 16
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August 2013
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  1. Member
    jessc4343 219 posts, Helper bee @ 6:32 am

    @Miss Rucksack: *that I plan on making him soon and then working the outcome & recipe into a blog somehow. (yes?… please? 🙂

  2. rucksack Bee
    rucksack 518 posts, Busy bee @ 6:34 am

    @jessc4343: Bahaha. At the very least I’ll PM you the outcome! (But I think I’ve said before that Mr. Rucksack does not trust my cooking, so a positive outcome may be a long shot!)

  3. Member
    minnow 428 posts, Helper bee @ 6:52 am

    My fiance and I live a similar lifestyle as well – we eat almost no grain and little dairy and also do crossfit-style workouts and running 5-6 days per week. But we figured that for our wedding we were going to enjoy any of the food that we wanted – after all, we figured what the point of having a paleo menu was if we were still going to drink alcohol and eat cake! 😀

    That and our menu is Turkish-inspired, so a rice pilaf and bread was a requirement, as well as ayran (a salted yogurt drink) shooters during the passed appetizers.

    I commend you for bringing Paleo into your wedding! It’s not an easy thing to do and you’re pretty hardcore to keep to the eating plan all the time! I figure that all weddings are “special occasions” and worth the once-in-a-while cheat 🙂

  4. Member
    kit_kath 1327 posts, Bumble bee @ 8:17 am

    You’re menu sounds tasty! It’s great that you found something that fits your lifestyle but is still “normal” food, as in someone would order it dinner even if they weren’t on a special diet.

    The only big diet concerns for us were to avoid nuts and shellfish. Neither of us are allergic but a few guests are, we didn’t want to risk it so we kept both off them menu all together.

  5. roadtrip Bee
    roadtrip 803 posts, Busy bee @ 8:26 am

    We use some Paleo recipes on occasion as they tend to be less likely to have the items that are no longer safe for me to eat (IBS with many, many food triggers), but agree with the nutritionist @Lisa: about not following any one “diet” per se, just eating as healthily and varied a diet as possible with each person’s individual limitations.

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    Stephanie, Guest @ 3:53 pm

    Can I demand the link to paleo apple cider donuts or else?!??? 😉

  7. Guest Icon Guest
    strega42, Guest @ 12:49 pm

    I’m absolutely stunned at the number of people here who presumably aren’t invited to the wedding who think that they have some kind of moral right to criticize the couple for “not having enough vegetarian food” on the buffet.

    I sure hope that when all these vegetarians get married, they offer meat at their wedding receptions for their non-vegetarian friends.

  8. Member
    stephee 1103 posts, Bumble bee @ 1:45 pm


    Most of us do 🙂 Most of us are kind, understanding people, who just wants everyone to have a good time.

    I’m having 5 options, Chicken, Beef, Fish, and Two Different Veggie Options (One with Gluten and One Without). So, even being vegetarian, I have more meat choices than not.

  9. rucksack Bee
    rucksack 518 posts, Busy bee @ 1:49 pm

    I think the difference is, as a meat eater I can still eat vegetarian, but a vegetarian can’t eat my meaty goodness. We’ll definitely have enough of everything that everyone (vegetarian, paleo & “normals” alike) will be full and happy!

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