Raise Your Hand If You Love Paper Straws.

I first noticed these fabulous striped straws when I entered Southern Weddings Magazine‘s MMInk calligraphy contest. (BTW how much do you love Moya from MM Ink?)


Then I started to notice that they are everywhere…which was inevitably followed by this ache in my stomach for paper straws (which I didn’t even know was a thing two weeks ago!). It’s embarrassing but true. I am such a sucker for cute details. I mean, LOOK:







So here’s the deal on these darling details. As far as I can tell, they come in a few colors: red, green, hot pink, blue, and gray. You can get them from Kikkerland, and they come in boxes of 50 for $3 or 144 for $7. Shipping and handling is $10 because Kikkerland is in the UK.

Art Fire also has them in packs of 100 for $16.

There are also a number of sellers on Etsy and eBay who sell these straws, but they all seem to be fairly pricey. All the Etsy sellers I could find seem to sell them with the flags included, so they are about $25 for 20!

While it seems like most people like to decorate the actual paper straws, I love this mix-and-match idea. How adorable are these stirrers??


The further along I get in the planning process, the more I realize that one of the best and worst things about a small wedding is that I am convinced that I can add/afford anything and everything…sigh.

Update: I told my sister about my obsession with these straws, and then she sent me this email:

(This is the exact email. No message—just a picture sent from her iPhone.)

How fabulous is my sister!? I am now the proud owner of 100 pink and white paper straws. I heart my sister. 😀

Has anyone gotten these straws? Did you find any good deals? What other wedding details have you fallen in love with that you didn’t even know existed?


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    Venessa, Guest @ 3:54 pm

    Anyone have any templates for the straw signs? Would love to have one if anyone has any available.


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    paper straws wholesale, Guest @ 12:29 am

    Oh,it is so

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